Solo Day Trip to Rome | Milan Diaries

I’ve always wanted to travel alone, so I decided to start small by going to Rome for a day from Milan. I was super excited that I legit couldn’t sleep.

With regards to Architecture, Rome has always been a dream destination. In Art History class, I would write down all the historical monuments/buildings that I would love to see for myself.

So I got up bright and early, packed all my essentials and I was headed to the train station to catch my 7am train to Roma! Excitinggggg!


It was a 3 hour train ride, which I napped for most of, cause obviously, I didn’t get any sleep the night before.

Hours later and I was finally at my destination! Yo guys my blood was boiling with excitement. Walked out of the train station and began mapping out my itinerary for the day.

I didn’t plan to use any form of public transport. I decided to have a walking tour, so I could see as much as I could.


The first attraction on my list was of course the Colosseum! Ruins are still a work of art in my eyes.


I then made my way to the Arch of Constantine.


Next on my list was the Capitoline Hill. Amazing architecture! The frieze on the building was what fascinated me the most, because there was so much attention to detail!

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Walked a few more minutes and I was at the Trevi Fountain. Definitely not what I expected but it was still something extraordinary to look at. There were so many tourists there so I couldn’t even enjoy it properly.

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The Pantheon was next! I was waaay to excited to go in. I’m sure people were looking at me like a crazy person. It was just amazing to see a building that has been in existence for centuries.

I stopped to have lunch at this cute little bistro. Quick selfie for you lot. ☺️

After filling up my belly with beautiful beautiful pizza, I made my way to the ultimate attraction!

I legit saved this for last cause I wanted to savour each moment I was there.

The St. Peters Basilica! This is one of history’s greatest buildings. It was everything I imagined and more! I was bummed I couldn’t get into the church and sistine chapel, but hopefully I get to next time.


Well after this I took the longest walk back to the train station and back to Milan. I was so happy I went alone and I definitely can’t wait to go on more solo trips!