Visiting a Zaha Hadid Building | Vienna Diaries

November ‘17, I got the opportunity to see my first Zaha Hadid Building while in Vienna and I was literally the most excited person amongst my classmates.

Zaha Hadid has always been an inspiration and role model to me because she pushes the boundaries of innovation and designs things you would think were impossible. She was also resilient in her field and very hardworking.

Zaha Hadid in Heydar Aliyev Cultural center in Baku nov 2013
(Ternovoy, D, 2013)

The Wien University’s Library in Vienna was one of the things on our to do list for the day. We were all to convene in front of the building and wait for further instructions. I got ready and took the tram to the location. Following my google maps directions, I began to see they building from a distance and my body was trembling with excitement (yes, it was that deep).


I got to the main square in front of the building and I was taken a back. How could someone create such a beautiful thing, and at that moment, I fell in love with architecture all over again. After a few minutes of admiration and taking photos, I joined my classmates to wait for our tutors.

We were then ushered into the building and guys, I lost it again. I’m not even sure I can describe how I felt at that moment but I was definitely in love. The details, complexity, finishings, the overall design was outstanding.


I mean I’ll admit that it looks like a well organised maze, cause I definitely didn’t know how exactly to go around the space. But what I perceived from that was that it was intentional and Zaha wanted the user to explore the building and appreciate it for what it is while doing so.

It was an amazing experience and I was glad to have been able to see one of her works.

*ticks off bucket list*







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