Chaophraya | Edinburgh

📍4th Floor, 33 Castle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3DN

Late lunch at one of my favourite places in Edinburgh! I was in town for a day and my friend Joey and I went to grab lunch! It was beautiful.


There’s a build up before you get in because there’s a whole elevator ride + stairs before you get to the restaurant.

What welcomes you in is a beautiful dimly lit room with a lot of decorative features around. The furniture and finishings are truly exquisite.

We knew there was an outdoor seating so we opted to sit there. I mean rooftop, hello! The view was beautiful cause we caught glimpses of the ocean from a distance. You could also see the busyness of George Street just below you.

When we were leaving the lights for the stairs were switched on and it was so beautiful. We obviously had to get photos!


The waitress was super helpful in helping us decide what to order. I am usually quick to decide what I want, but on this day, I wasn’t. So many amazing options.


Every meal we had was beautiful. From the starters all the way to the dessert! What I particularly loved were the presentations of the meals!

Chicken Satay – £7.95

Vegetable Spring Rolls – £7.45

Chicken Pad Thai – £10.95

Chicken Spicy Riceberry & Basil – £12.95

Sorbet – £5.95


Totally Tropical x2 – (Sorry, don’t remember)


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: £45 apx (without drinks)


This is where you take your girl/guy out for just a casual date. It has this romantic feel to it, especially when it gets dark, and the orange street lights come on. If it’s not too cold, try and sit on the patio and enjoy the fresh air! Thank me later!




Chicken Satay – £7.95

(Chicken bamboo skewers, charcoal grilled and served with peanut sauce and thai sweet relish)

Lovely presentation. Tasted beautiful, even better when dipped into the peanut sauce.

Vegetable Spring Rolls – £7.45

(Crispy spring rolls filled with, carrot, cabbage, Chinese mushroom and vermicelli with sweet chilli sauce)

Crispy and tasty! Loved that the stuffing didn’t overshadow the pastry.


Chicken Pad Thai – £10.95

(Thai rice noodles, stir-fried with egg, vegetables and tamarind sauce)

Everything and more! Absolutely loved this, and the portion size was apt. I ate everything on my plate!


Chicken Spicy Riceberry & Basil – £12.95

(Deep purple-coloured organic rice, steamed with chillies, garlic and topped with an egg)

The rice had this rich taste that I loved. Was skeptical about the addition of the egg, but it went together beautifully.


Sorbet – £5.95

This made my mouth really happy!


Totally Tropical

This is by far the best Passionfruit infused drink I’ve ever tasted! Absolutely amazing.