Eiffel Tower | Paris Diaries

So January ‘18, my friends and I went to Paris for a few days! First stop was definitely the Eiffel Tower.

The plan was to have lunch at ‘58 Tour de Eiffel’, a restaurant located inside the tower. How cool is that right? We all woke up, confirmed our reservation and began preparing to head out.


At noon, we went downstairs and hopped into our Uber and rode to the venue. It was a nice ride as Mohamed, our driver gave us a mini tour along the way.


Mohamed dropped us off by Pont d’léna, then we walked towards the tower! It was breathtakingly beautiful as I remember. Luckily the sun was out to play, so we didn’t have to worry about freezing just yet.


We collected our tickets and walked towards the towers elevator where we queued up and waited our turn. After a whiles wait (sigh, so many tourists), it was our turn. I was so excited throughout the ride, because, being a past student of art history, I’ve always been curious to see the structure of this historic monument. So having to see it up-close as I did was truly amazing!

We were welcomed into the restaurant by a polite woman who asked where would like to sit, of course we chose to sit by the big glass window so we could appreciate the view of Paris!


Menus were brought and we ordered our food. Not long after, they were presented to us one course at a time. Everything tasted beautiful and we were all very happy.


Mid dining, a lady came with a camera and asked if she could photograph my friends. I mean they had their own paparazzi. LOL

It was an amazing time at 58 Tour de Eiffel. After eating, we got to walk around the tower and look out to the beautiful Champ de Mars, before we took our leave.





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