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Years later and I finally got to proper tour Edinburgh! I honestly can’t count how many times I’ve been to the city before now and I never took myself to the main attractions.

But seeing as Chiamaks was visiting and it was also her birthday, we obviously had to do some ‘touristy’ stuff.

So birthday girl got all glammed up and we decided to get some pictures before heading over to the castle

We left home and began walking towards the bus stop that’d take us to the Edinburgh Castle. While walking, we discovered this cool street art, and obviously we stopped for photos

Eventually, we got to the Royal Mile and we started walking towards the castle. We got distracted by the usual street performances. Then we stopped by a caricaturist and sat as he drew us. I know it’s a caricature yeah, but yo, this man did me dirty! LOL.

After much distraction, we finally got to the castle! I was actually so excited cause the castle’s somewhat on a hill, so this allowed you to see most of Edinburgh at a glance.


We continued exploring the castle and it honestly was really exciting.

My favourite moment was at the beginning where we saw the defence section of the castle. They were these strategic designed cut outs in the castle walls which allowed you focus on certain areas of the city.


After a lot of walking around we came across this red truck, and we definitely couldn’t resist using it as a prop for a photoshoot.

Camera Obscura was our next stop. Super exciting stuff. Everything there literally messed with my mind.

Stopped by the gift shop and got me some pins of my favourite Superhero/villain characters.


Then stopped at Ben’s Cookies to treat myself to some sweet treats!

We then went for Chiamaks’s Birthday dinner and it was really nice! See what we had using the link below;

Miller and Carter | Edinburgh







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