The Junkyard Grills | Abuja

📍Riverplate Park, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Late lunch with Chiamaka & @Nabila at The Junkyard! Chiamaka was visiting from Lagos for the weekend, so I chose to take her here to relax and chill…


Chose to go late in the evening so I could experience the ambience during the day and night. The night time is definitely better. The lights get turned on and it turns into some magical fairy type thing.



Terrible service. It wasn’t a busy time, so I didn’t understand why the waiters took so long to attend to us


Really loved the food can’t wait to go back and try other stuff on the menu.

Wings x Chips

Mini Burgers


Chicken Wings w Chips

Yup. It’s another wings day. These things will actually be the death of me. They were spicy and really tender.


Mini burgers w Chips

I mean who doesn’t like mini burgers! They’re soo cute! Although one of my burgers was missing it’s beef patty (realised after I bit into it), it tasted really good. Must try.