Kayaking | Abuja Diaries

Adventure time! My best friend Kamal and I went kayaking over the weekend and it was an interesting experience.

So being the gentleman Kamz is, (lies, I had to do a lot of begging. Lol) he came to pick me up from home and we were on our way to the National Stadium.


Quite tricky to find, but because he’d been there before, it wasn’t so hard. They really need to work on making it easier to locate, cause look at the struggle signboard that made us know we were in the right place.

Walked for about a minute before arriving at some huts and yet another struggle signboard indicating we were there. A few men walked up to us and we were briefed about how the activity works. I was super excited cause I hadn’t done anything remotely close to this.

We paid for a session which lasts about 1hr I think. So we were given life jackets and tutorials on how to ‘Kayak’. Kamz was first in the water, before I eventually got in too.


When I tell you I was freaked out huh, but I eventually got over it and turned into a pro. Yeah I lied, I messed up so many times. Lol

After a while of paddling and me running into Kamal’s kayak multiple times, we decided to have a race and guess who won? Yes you guessed right. Me!

We then balanced ourselves in one position and just took in the beauty surrounding us, we had to unlook the little trash around the area, but yeah, still beautiful.






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