Iya Oyo Kitchen | Abuja

📍112, Idris Gidado St, Wuye, Abuja.

I asked you guys where you’d want us to explore next and majority suggested a bukka/street food option. I was like suree cause last time I had amala was probably 16 years ago, felt I was long overdue.

So Kamz and I ended up at Iya Oyo over the weekend. I read that it’s one of the happening amala joints in town and they had an average of 500 customers daily. Wow right?


Restaurant was clean and organised. We were there at about 4pm and it wasn’t all that full, but almost before we left it began to get packed. Loved it there.


5 simple steps. Get in line, pick your plates, request your meal n drinks, pay for it, then sit and enjoy!


I didn’t have anything to compare it to, but it definitely did taste good, so did the soups.



Number of People: 2

Price: N1,500 (Drinks Included)