POW | Abuja

📍5, Bangui St, Wuse 2, Abuja

Happy New Year Beautiful People! 🎉

Lunch at POW to kick off the year! Been a year I dined here. My friend and I were craving sushi so of course POW came to mind. Well sit tight cause this time, there’s gist.


I’ve always loved the setting of the restaurant. Glad they kept to the Japanese/Asian tradition of minimalism, in terms of lighting and interior decoration. The only color you see around are that of the wall plants, chopsticks and the bamboo table mats.



My friends and I were the only diners at the time, but for some reason, it took them a while to get us some of the drinks. Had to get the attention of the waiter to remind him.

Let’s put that aside. After a while, all dishes were brought except mine. I decided to be patient and wait cause idk maybe Katsu Curries take time at POW.

It was halfway through eating the platter and tasting some of my friends plates and my food still hadn’t arrived. Mentioned it to a different waiter and apparently our waiter forgot to place my order. Imagine. He came to apologise and said they were making it. Obviously couldn’t eat it there anymore so I had him package it as takeaway.


A few things were awfully bad, while some were really nice. Read ahead to find out which.

Large Starter Platter – N4500

Chicken Katsu Curry – N3500

Dragon Maki (Sushi) – N4000

Beef Pad Thai – N2800

POW Special Rice – N2000

Black Pepper Beef – N4000


Strawberry Vanilla Iced Tea – N1500

Thai Basil No-Jito – N2500

Mai Tai – N2500


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N31,800 (Inc. VAT & Service Charge)


POW is a really expensive place, therefore it’s best to order meals that are share-able. So that’s things like, pad thai, rice, sauces etc. This way you get to try a variety of stuff and spend less, rather than individually get dishes and spend more. Beautiful place for dates and family outings.


Where. To. Begin, cause wawu!!!

Large Starter Platter – N4500

Okay so first, the ‘Large Sharing Platter’ (emphasis on large) was an utter disappointment. A ‘LARGE’ platter consisting of 1 wing, 2pc spring rolls, and 3 tiny skewers of chicken and meat? Nope. This needs to be fixed.


I would suggest they increase the food pieces and rewrite the description of this ‘large’ platter, because it’s highly misleading and definitely not worth it’s price.

Dragon Maki (Sushi) – N4000

Moving on to the sushi! Simply put; we didn’t believe that it was freshly made. The tempura was soggy and stale. Seaweed too was a no. I was disappointed cause the last time I had the Dragon Maki it was great.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Beef Pad Thai – N2800

Can’t go wrong with their Pad Thai! Tangy, sweet and savoury as should be!










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