Tea Room | Abuja

📍 7, Atakpame St, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Late lunch at Tea Room yesterday evening. Been seeing how pretty the place looked from their IG posts, so my friend and I decided to go check it out over the weekend.


First off, kudos to the photographer who took the images of the interior space. I say this because before getting there, I had pictured this beautiful huge space with amazing natural light seeping in through the windows. But wow was I shooketh, it’s literally the smallest restaurant space I’ve seen so far. Interior holds 6 people at a time, but luckily there was an outdoor seating area. My favourite thing about the space was definitely the pretty flowers arranged all around.


A bit slow and not orderly. My tres leches took quite some time to get ready.


Food tasted good. Appropriate portion sizes and nice presentation.

Chicken Club Sandwich – N3000

Tres Leches – N1500

Fettuccini Alfredo w Grilled Chicken – N5000


Strawberry Lemonade Ice Tea – N1500

Cherry Blossom Ice Tea – N1500


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: N12,500


Fettuccini Alfredo w Grilled Chicken – N5000

One of Tulip Bistros most popular. Still one of my favourite pasta places, but they slightly disappointed this time. Pasta tasted good, but could’ve done with more cream and cheese. Seems like the portion sizes have been reduced also.


Tres Leches – N1500

Heard so many stories about Tea Rooms’ Tres Leches, this was part of what took me there. I would honestly say, it was just okay. It didn’t really sway me. Nice presentation though.


Chicken Club Sandwich w fries – N3000

Urghh. This tasted so beautiful! The baguette was crispy yet soft, the chicken was tender and spiced nicely. Fries were a bit cold and slightly overcooked on arrival, but it was still edible.



Strawberry Lemonade Ice Tea – N1500

Cherry Blossom Ice Tea – N1500

My friend and I did a half-half thing. The cherry blossom was definitely my favourite. Hers too, said it tasted like a lollipop.