The Pavilion | Abuja

📍12, Ukpabi Asika St, Asokoro

Had the best time at The Pavilion with Kessy the other day. Lovely restaurant! Lowkey didn’t want to post this review just so I can hide it from everybody and enjoy it alone. But I chose to be nice instead.


Coming in from the gate, you catch a glimpse of the Pavilion, which was cool. I particularly loved how the greenery somewhat enveloped the space. Something I’m also a fan of is inside-outside spaces.

So we sat on one of the yellow sofas, which was under the sheltered area. But the external steel structure wall to our left made it feel like we were outside because of the amount of light and air coming in. That, paired with the fact that we could see directly onto the green area made it a really nice experience, sorta like a mini view of a park.


You can add The Pavilion to your list of ‘instagrammable’ places (allow Tea Room to rest please LOL).

P.S The vibe at night is waay better!

The mural by @henri_abraham_univers is everything. Definitely a must see, amongst other art there.


Our waitress was the nicest! Food took a while to get to us though, which was a bit disappointing cause the restaurant wasn’t packed. Love the presentation of their menu too, classy.


Relatively new place, so I believe they have a bit of work to do still, in regards to the menu. But everything we tried tasted good. It was also unfortunate that a few stuff on the menu wasn’t available. Looking forward trying deserts next time I visit!

Seafood Pasta – N3900

Lamb Chops – N3800

BBQ Hot Wings – N1800


Mojito – N2000

Frozen Daiquiri – N1800


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: N14,000 (Inc. VAT)


Pavilion is the ideal place to hang out with a small group of friends or just a casual date. They have themed nights such as Ladies Night and Game Night. Wouldn’t recommend for family outings or for kids. Very picturesque and beautiful space to be in.


Seafood Pasta – N3900

I thought the presentation of this dish was absolutely beautiful. How it tasted on the other hand, not so much, because it needed a whole lot of cream added to it.

Taste and garnishing wise though, solid 8/10. Would’ve been a 10 if it were creamier. Seafood in it were shrimps and calamari rings.


Lamb Chops – N3800

This was an interesting plate. Lamb chops itself were bomb. But I felt it was overall a dry meal, no sauce, no mash/fries, just bare plantain. Menu said it’d come with ‘candied yam’, but it seemed to be absent on the plate.


BBQ Wings – N1800

You know I can’t see wings on a menu and not try it. These tasted okay, your basic bbq wings!


Mojito (Virgin) – N2000

Must try! The presentation on this alone is pretty and it tasted good too!