The Dome | Abuja

📍Plot 423, Adekunle Fajuyi Way, CBD, Abuja.

Spent the evening here with a few of my favourite people! Haven’t been to the poolside in years and a lot of things have changed!


Beautiful! That’s the word I’d use to describe this place. As I’ve always mentioned, I love places that offer you a variety of spaces to experience differently.

We sat in the suspended area close to the waterfall, it was nice as it overlooked the entire area. What I wasn’t excited about was the smell emitting from the nearby stream, but sitting upstairs definitely helped get rid of it a bit.



Our waiter was super jovial. Pizza took a while, but was worth the wait.


Appropriate portion sizes, but presentation could be better. Tbh, generally, I was more excited about the atmosphere than the food.

Shanghai Pizza – N4000

Half Chicken w Fries – N3500

Wings w Fries – N3000 (I think)

Extra Fries – N700


Rock Shandy – N1600

Red and Green Lemonade – N2000

Chapman – N2000

Water x2 – N500


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N18,000 apx.


I feel the Dome is a place you go to when you’re just trying to get away from life for a minute. It’s quiet with a beautiful surrounding that just makes you feel relaxed.

The waterfall was everything especially at night + you can walk through it!. Also if you’re a fan of live music, this is your spot. Could get a little too loud, but still a nice touch.


Wings w Fries – N3000 (I think)

Your regular BBQ wings, nothing exciting.


Half Chicken w Fries – N3500

This was good. Wish it came with a side sauce or something. I’ve observed that restaurants in Abuja rarely do that, really a downer sometimes.


Shanghai Pizza – N4000

Your basic pizza with prawns and chicken amongst other stuff. Not sure why there was a shell when I bit into a slice, but besides that it tasted okay.



Red and Green Lemonade – N2000

(Strawberry muddled w Basil topped w Lemon Lime Soda)

Favourite thing from this place! Tasted heavenly!


Rock Shandy – N1600

(Sprite, Lemon Juice x Bitters)

Looking for a super simple mocktail? Then this is for you.