Miso Japanese and Thai | Abuja

📍Rooftop @ Summerset Continental Hotel, 34 Usuma St, Maitama, Abuja

Celebrated my birthday over the weekend with some of the most amazing people! Started the day with lunch at Miso. It’s a new restaurant located at the rooftop of Summerset Continental Hotel.

One thing I make sure I do on my birthday is to eat gooood! I usually consider that to be a gift to myself! What traditions do you have for your birthday?


You already know how I feel about rooftops! I’ve been to a few rooftop restaurants in Abuja, and this definitely tops the list in terms of what the surrounding scenery has to offer.

What I also loved about the space was how there was minimal decoration, which allows you to appreciate the views even better.



Generally, the service was a disappointment. In their defence, there was a party going on at the other end of the restaurant, but my friends and I felt that wasn’t enough reason to not pay mind to other diners. Food took a while to be prepared, but it was definitely worth it in the end. Our waiter was the nicest too.


Despite the disappointing service, the food almost made up for it! Everyones plate was delicious. Generous portions and some were beautifully presented.

Ebi Fry – N7,475

Volcano Maki Roll (Sushi) – N5,750

Fettuccini Pasta – N5,060

Penne Pasta – N5,000

Thai Red/Green Curry – N8,625

Pad Thai Noodles – N6,900


Virgin Mojito – N1,265

Soft drinks – N575


Number of People: 6

Total Bill: N60,000 apx.


Sharing is key in this place. Order what you each like and share amongst each other to save cost. Plus they have a 10% service charge on every item on that menu (we learnt that the hard way), so don’t forget to add that to your budget.

Additionally, they’re not limited to Japanese & Thai food, it’s more continental than asian-fusion imo. There are choices of pastas, steaks and burgers too. So something for everyone!


Pad Thai Noodles – N6,900

Not as tangy and saucy as I would’ve personally liked, but it tasted really good! The shrimps in it were really good.


Fettuccini Pasta – N5,060

Penne Pasta – N5,000

Thai Red/Green Curry – N8,625

These guys know how to make a mean Pasta dish! Perfect amount of cream and cheese, plus the pasta was cooked al dente!


Volcano Maki Roll (Sushi) – N5,750

Mainly loved the presentation of this! Forgot the description of the dish, but the combination of the crispy topping and the main sushi itself was spot on. Adding a wee bit of soy sauce added some magic to it.


Ebi Fry – N7,475

Beautifully made! It paired nicely with the spicy mayo dipping sauce on the side. Highly recommended!