CCX Lounge | Abuja

📍Jabi Lake Mall, Bala Sokoto Way, Jabi, Abuja

So I finally got to visit CCX Lounge the other day! You already know how I feel about Jabi and it’s beautiful scenery. I’m always looking forward to eating at restaurants by the lakefront.


Beautiful obviously, because hello, waterfront! One thing I particularly liked was the grass carpet, which made it feel less artificial as an outdoor space. We visited the restaurant after a stressful HOT day at site and it was a great spot to release the stress with my colleagues. Just pure vibes!

Going into the interior, it wasn’t what I had imagined it at all. I thought it to be a beautiful space. Minimal deco, dark, spacious, stunning artworks and the various seating area options.



Not the best I would honestly say! Waitress brought the menus and disappeared for a while. Upon returning she only took one persons order and disappeared again.Few orders got mixed up but was instantly resolved. I guess what mattered was that the food didn’t take time.


Quite good overall. Looking forward to trying other things on the menu. Speaking of which, I really like their menu, just a page with all the details and variety you could need!

CCX Wings x2 – N1500

Beef Burger x Fries – N3000


Lollypop – N1,100

Water – N300


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N8,000 apx.


I think the interior has potential for nice photography backdrops, such as the Wall of Legends, or the staircase. They also have a live performance every Friday, so if that’s something you’re down for, then definitely check it out!


Beef Burger x Fries – N3000

Let’s ignore the bun for a minute, and talk about the taste! This really was good, because the beef patty was well spiced and tender! Although, I personally would prefer the patty to be less thick as there are other ingredients that somewhat make it difficult to eat.


CCX Wings – N1500

The wings were okay. On the spicy side, but yeah just okay. As per my usual complaint, presentation could be better!


Lollypop – N1100

This was the best thing for the heat on this day. This might just be my favourite mocktail at the moment.








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