Keje Grill | Abuja

📍City Park, Opp Tennis Court, Wuse 2, Abuja

Earlier this week, we were Keje Grill. Last time I was here was Summer ‘17, and a lot has definitely changed.


Nice outdoor space with a variety of seating areas. What I appreciated most about Keje was the locally made/found products, such as the ‘burger seats’ and the ankara throw pillows. The bamboo fencing which had art all around it is also a nice touch!


Got to experience the night ambience too and the fairy lights were absolutely beautiful!



I think we all know about Keje and their service. This time around they were okay. Order was taken almost immediately and food didn’t take as long as predicted.


Quality of food remains the same which is on the positive side. Few things have been removed/added to their menu which I think was a good decision.

Noodles (Indomie) x2 – N800

Keje Special 1/4 Chicken – N1500

Kati Kati 1/4 Chicken – N1500


Strawberry (something) Mocktail (sorry I forgot the name & price of the drink)


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: N7,000 apx.


Only thing I know Keje is great for is its vibes! It’s an amazing place to go chill with friends and just have the best laugh.


Honestly forgotten the name x price of this mocktail, but let’s just appreciate the beautiful picture

Please help me out if you recognise the drink. Thanks in advance lovelies!


Keje Special 1/4 Chicken w Noodles – N2300

Absolutely loved the chicken! Soft, super tasty and that bbq sauce marinade? Warra wawu! Noodles itself were banging! I didn’t expect the sweet taste it had, but I most definitely loved it. Was a bit dry in my opinion, but still good.


Kati Kati Special 1/4 Chicken w Noodles – N2300

What I liked about the Kati Kati was it’s spiciness. So if that’s what you like, then this is for you!