Wafflestop | Abuja

📍45, Gana St, Maitama

We were Wafflestop the other day and it was my first time visiting since they started the business. Over the course of time, I’ve heard more negative than positive reviews, but I decided to try them out regardless.


I really love the interior decoration of the restaurant! Subtle colours with nicely made furniture.

The art pieces on the wall excited me the most, especially the huge waffle installation by @f_gwandu!


The service was okay. Waiter was enthusiastic and made us feel comfortable. Luckily the food didn’t take long cause I was seconds away from eating bare salt. (Yes, I was that hungry)


I can say that I was not entirely disappointed by the food, nice presentation and all.

Regular Waffles – N2500

Fried Chicken Strips – N1200

Grilled Tomatoes – N500

Pancake Combo Meal – N3000

Scrambled Eggs – N1200


Lemonade x2 – N1000


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: N10,400


I think it’s a beautifully decorated space that’ll make for nice vintage looking photographs. Plus they need to work on the entrance approach, just the ‘stop sign’ with a waffle on it doesn’t really cut it.


Pancake Combo Meal – N3000

(3 Pancakes, 2 Pcs Chicken, Syrup)

This was my first time trying Chicken & Waffles/Pancakes, I knew it’d be something I would like. Wafflestops meal was okay. I absolutely loved the chicken, mainly the seasoning and softness of it. On the other hand, the pancakes were a bit too flaky. They kept crumbling down while I was trying to cut smaller pieces. Imagine eating pancakes in crumbles. Disaster.



Scrambled Eggs – N1200

I could never eat pancakes without a side of eggs, so I got me some! I asked for creamy scrambled eggs cause I mean, they’re the best! Eggs were presented to me, but it wasn’t creamy enough for me. Tasted okay though and I loved the addition of the parsley.



Regular Waffles w syrup – N2500

With Grilled Tomatoes – N500

Fried Chicken Strips – N1200

I was so worried that the waffles would be tough and inedible, cause that’s what I’ve heard from people. But I would say they were edible, and paired well with the chicken strips! I would choose the waffles over the pancakes though.


Lemonade – N1000

Didn’t really enjoy this cause it had more of a bitter taste than a sweet/sour one.