Bijou Cafe | Abuja

📍40, Agadez Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Ramadan hiatus is over and I’m back! So, just a day before Ramadan began, Teebabs, Sonia and I were at Bijou Cafe.


Honestly wished we vlogged this experience cause I don’t even know where to begin. Words can’t show you the multiple facial expressions I had on.


Outdoor Dining Space:

Coming into the compound, I was instantly drawn towards the ‘cottage’ as I called it.

Entering inside, I was taken by the graffiti wall, followed by the beautifully crafted furniture and ceiling.

Indoor Dining Space:

Approaching the entrance to the indoor restaurant wasn’t as exciting for me.


However, I opened the door to a beautiful artwork of an ape. Loved it! Began taking a tour round the restaurant and I was back to being disappointed.


The word I used to describe the space was ‘disorganised’. There were two semi-separate dining spaces that had no relation with each other.


My main issue was the furniture, they didn’t match at all. Why are there about 5 different types of chairs/tables within the same space? I generally just didn’t think this area was properly designed or thought out.

The one thing they got right were the artworks displayed around. My favourite was the 3D Plate one. Amazing.


At first, everything was going okay, until they mixed up my drink and practically blamed me for it.


*sigh. Writing this down at this moment and I’m still pained. Should’ve saved my money to buy multiple sticks of wings at Grills 101 tbh.

Mini Burger – N1800

Double Cheese Burger – N3000

Mexicana Pizza (Small) – N2500

Chicken Wings – (forgotten the price)


Strawberry Colada x2 – N1500

Rough Sex on the Beach – N2500


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N13,000 apx (inc. VAT)


I had high expectations for Bijou but they didn’t meet them. I gave them a slight pass because oh, ‘they just opened, they’ll eventually improve’. Well, it’s been a month now, so I hope they’ve fixed up these issues and are delivering good service to customers! Cause Lordt, for me to visit this place again will require a lot of convincing tbh!


Mexican Pizza (small) – N2500

Still fuming at this dish. Literally looks like what my 7yo siblings would make on an episode of Masterchef Junior. It also tasted as bad as it looks. Bland and the dough tasted like cardboard.


Mini Burger – N1800

(Mixed Beef, Chicken or Fish TRIO of your burger choice)

So emphasis on “trio”. Either there’s a typing error on the menu, or something, cause we assumed we’d see three mini burgers on the plate, but instead, we were presented with one. And they even served it on such a wide plate to exaggerate the smallness of the meal. No no no.


Double Cheese Burger – N3000

The one single meal that made sense! The beef patty was tasty and the bun was soft! So, probably the only thing I’d recommend. Fries were good too.

Strawberry Colada – N1500

So, I ordered this from the “Mocktails – Non Alcoholic” section of the menu. But for some reason, my guys over at the Bijou Bar, decided to to do what they wannid.

Luckily, Sonia ordered the same drink as me so she was able to detect that there was alcohol in there. I was stressed.

Called the attention of the waitress and apparently they got it all mixed up because “the menu was confusing” to them. Interesting yeah?

Obviously had them bring the actual drink I ordered and it was all sorted.


Chicken Wings

You all know I love chicken wings, and I’ve tried a lot of them from various restaurants in the city, so believe me when I say that this is the worst I’ve had. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to finish it.