Tuck Shop | Abuja

📍Food City, 3, Bangui St, Wuse 2, Abuja

After months of visiting Tuck Shop, I’ve finally gotten around to posting a review on them.

I guess it’s because there’s always a crowd when I go, and I always try to avoid taking photos with people in them cause privacy and that. However, this time around I had my chance to take photographs without a bunch of people around.

I was talking to my friends while taking my photos, and I said “It’s funny how I’ve been here so many times but I’m yet to post about it”. Then just like it was cued, Wonu, the owner, says hi and asks “are you Salmahxoeats?” In my head I’m like what gave it away?

Anyway, she was the nicest! I asked her about the story behind the business like how it started and that, it was an interesting one to listen to. We all just gisted while we ate.


Well, there isn’t much to discuss regarding this as Tuck Shop is more of a pick-up than dine-in type of place. I appreciate that there’s seating options though for people who would like to have a quick lunch or so.


In all my time of visiting, I’ve not once had an issue. Menu is straightforward, meals are delivered hot and presented nicely and the staff are somewhat welcoming.


Good quality that gives you value for your money.

Full Platter (x2) – N1800

Wings & Fries (x2) – N1200


Water (x2) – N100


Number of People: 4

Total Bill: N6,000 apx


Tuck Shop has come through for me so many times, mostly when my cravings are high and I want to eat a bunch of stuff at the same time. (and also when I’m broke LOL)

I get to have a burger, fries, wings and occasionally a cake slice from ‘Sliced by Decadent’ too all at one go. And all for just N3000, I mean, name a better deal please. (No, refuel meals don’t count).

All they’re missing is a rice/noodle option. Maybe something they’re already thinking/thought about?


Full Platter – N1800

(Burger, Fries, Hotdog, Wings)

Literally the only thing I order when I’m here. My favourite item in this platter is the burger. I always eat it first so I can enjoy it the most, followed by the wings, with the crispy option being my fave.

Cake Slice – N1200

I love that there’s this option, cause sometimes you want a bit of sweet and also savoury. The Choco Caramel is an all time fave.