Milk Shop | Abuja

📍7, Kampala Street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

This is an interesting one because we were at a dessert shop! I’m not exactly the biggest fan of desserts, I’d rather have my pasta/rice dishes or burgers.

But when Aisha, the owner of Milk Shop invited me over, I couldn’t resist because the treats on the instagram page were absolutely mouthwatering.


So, Milk Shop shares a space with another restaurant called Mekky’s (so don’t get confused like I was when you go). Entering the building, to the left is the dessert area while to the right is the other restaurant.



I liked how cozy the inside was and that it was slightly secluded. The light fixtures and wall paint were also interesting details.


I first sat on the sofa, but I was uncomfortable because I felt the sofa itself was way too low for the height of that particular table. I eventually switched and sat on one of the black chairs, which was way more comfortable.


Another thing I loved were the marble tabletops. Good quality product and serves as a nice backdrop for flat-lay photographs. I mean I would know right? LOL

I’d have loved to see the lighting of the space at night. I’ll definitely be back for that.


Service was good. Aisha kept checking in on her customers to make sure everything was going smoothly. I also like that the menu is a page and quite straightforward.


I enjoyed everything. I was mainly impressed with the quality of the food and it’s presentation.



Milk Shop has a lot to offer. Not all the products they make are on the menu below. I’ll suggest you follow the page on Instagram so you have a better understanding of what they have. There are other items such as sausage rolls, cupcakes and so on.


Caramel Pecan Pie w Ice Cream

I’ve never tried any form of pie before, for reasons I myself don’t know, I’ve always just shied away from them. But I’m all about exploring and trying new things now, so I went for it.


The pie was nice! I loved that it had nuts infused in the caramel sauce. The pastry was good too, liked that it wasn’t too thick to overpower the sauce. And when I paired it with the ice cream, heaven!




Legit one of the best brownies I’ve ever had! Gooey on the inside, warm, and sweet. Did I mention warm? I loved the addition of the chocolate sauce which made it even better. Another thing I really appreciated was the presentation.



Smoothie of the day

(Mixed Berries, Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon, Banana)

This was really good. Reminded me of the quick smoothies I make in the mornings before heading to uni. However, I wished it was sweeter than it was, but Aisha explained that she wanted it to have a natural sweetness, rather than sugar additives.




(Sorry I forgot to photograph them, cause I had them to go)

I remember back in March, my friend got some cookies from the store and I tried them. I honestly didn’t like them then, but I decided to try some this time around hoping it might be different this time. I was glad I wasn’t disappointed! Soft and gooey, with the right amount of sweetness!









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  1. Hadiza French avatar

    Oh wow! Salmah this is going to be new my favorite blog. I love food blogs because I love food. I’ll be adding this blog to my home screen. Welcome to the blogosphere ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Salmah Abubakar avatar

      Thanks a lot Hadiza. I appreciate it!

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