Charcoal Grill | Abuja

📍Penthouse, 112, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Yassss! I finally got around to having brunch at Charcoal! It’s been on my list for the longest of times but I just never did go.

One of the things Charcoal is well known for is its ‘All Day Breakfast’ menu. You know me, I’m always about breakfast meals for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

So, I saw a post of someone having the breakfast plate and I immediately messaged Kamal saying we were going over the weekend no matter what! And so we wentt!

Last time I visited charcoal was summer‘17 and it was an okay experience, except for the ‘salt and pepper calamari’ we ordered. That plate was the word ‘disaster’ itself.


Entering the restaurant, you’re welcomed by the bar/lounge. Quite basic, nothing interesting except for the artwork placed on the wall.

While to your left there’s the indoor dining area. Simple furniture with minimal decor, and little presence of greenery.

I’m always there for the rooftop patio! Can’t catch me dining inside, nope! I specifically love the flowerpots placed around the space, cause it’s a nice contrast between the black, red and green. The natural air and view of Aminu Kano St, are other reasons why the Rooftop stays winning.

Generally, I love that the restaurant offers you 3 different dining options within one space.


Surprisingly, we had quite a number of mishaps. Between having a straw wrapper served stuck to our wings, to our food taking really long to prepare, and having the wrong receipt printed, I didn’t even know which one to face first.


I was quite happy with most of the food I ate, few ‘wozzol diz’ moments but yeah, overall okay.

Complimentary Popcorn

BBQ Wings – N2000

Hot Dog x French Fries – N1500

Scrambled Eggs – N1500

Full English Breakfast – N4000


Five Alive Citrus Glass – N500

Water – N200

Wild Raspberry Hibiscus

Orange Juice


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: N10,500 apx (inc. VAT)


Charcoal is a lowkey fave! One weird thing I like is the red and black theme, it’s also nice that the colours resonate around the restaurant. But of course, main reason why it’s a fave is cause of the all day brekky option! Good for lunch dates and nights out.


Complimentary Popcorn

I love that they dodged the norms of bread or chips and went with popcorn. I’m always so excited when I see the waiter walking up with it.

BBQ Wings – N2000

Super basic but good. That’s what I think about Charcoal’s wings. So this was the wing that was served with a straw wrapper attached to it. We brought their attention to it and the waiter apologised and offered to have it replaced, which they did with an extra one even. This, we appreciated.


Hot Dog x French Fries – N1500

I didn’t taste the hot dog, but I could definitely see it, and I wasn’t thrilled with it’s presentation. Fries on the other hand were great, couldn’t stop stealing them off Kamz’s plate.


I literally cannot do without breakfast meals in my life!

Scrambled Eggs – N1500

(Scrambled Eggs, Waffles, Syrup)

I like that you get almost a whole meal for just 1500 with this. This I would recommend, so you can just add a side of sausages or fries or whatever you want.



Full English Breakfast – N4000

(Eggs, Pancakes, Bacon (pork), Baked Beans, Syrup, Sausages, Toast, Orange Juice, Tea/Coffee)

So first, good portion size, I could barely finish my plate. The sausages were spot on and the eggs were decent (would’ve wanted more cream).


The pancakes on the other hand were a no, because it tasted plastic-y. However, I had one of Kamal’s waffle and that tasted wayy better! So next time waffles instead of pancakes for me.


Btw, the bacon off this plate isn’t halal (thankGod I asked before eating, but, my fault that I didn’t ask while ordering) so request they have it removed or replaced with something else.



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