Corner Grill | Abuja

📍Boya Place, Ameh Ebute Street, Wuye, Abuja.

About a week ago I was at Corner Grill for late lunch. I was asked to come in and try out some dishes off the menu, which I was excited to.

Corner Grill is a new restaurant in Wuye that just opened up back in May. Sadiq, the owner sat with me while I ate, and we talked about the business. In summary, I learnt that it’s a pick-up/delivery type setting at the moment, but work is currently ongoing towards providing a dine-in option.


Seeing as the restaurant is still new and somewhat under construction, I don’t have much to critic on.

However, you can see the shed where meals would be prepared and served out of, and just before the shed, there’s a fire pit where various protein would be grilled and served to diners. I like this idea, cause I think it’s an added feature for the people dining to see how things work.


P.S how beautiful is this lurking sunset?


I look forward to seeing how the dining space turns out. Lots of possibilities, so lets see how they plan to go about it.


Again, not much to go on. I was the only one there at the time, so obviously service would be spot on. Sadiq and his employees were welcoming and polite.


The menu isn’t that broad, so I got to try the important things off the menu. Overall okay, but work needs to be done on presentation.

Chicken Wings – N1000

Corner Grill Noodles – N1000

Chicken Shawarma – N1200

Chicken Fillet w Fries and coleslaw (Not on the menu yet)



So residents of Wuye, you don’t need to go all the way for shawarma or grills, there’s a spot for you right next door. I would say that I enjoyed the shawarma the most, so that, I would definitely recommend. Plus notice how affordable the menu is, they even have combo options!



Chicken Wings – N1000

Apparently the wings are a bestseller! I was excited to try them cause WINGGSS! Unfortunately, my wings were a bit too salty, but it was cooked properly and super spicy! I’d like to try them again, without the extra salt.


Chicken Fillet x Chips x Salad

I liked the chicken fillet. It was a tad bit too thin x dry, but the marinade was spot on. The plate comes with some sauce that’s apparently a signature one. I liked it cause it had the right amount of heat.


Chicken Shawarma – N1200

Just like the wings, this is another bestseller according to Sadiq. It was nice as there was a good ratio between the chicken and veggies. The sauce was also good, not too much to make everything squishy which ends in a messy situation.


Corner Grill Noodles – N1000

How insane is it that this is all for just 1K? I’m usually weirded out by the idea of mixing chicken and beef, but it paired quite alright. However, I felt there were way too many veggies in the plate. It was more veggies than noodles tbh. I suggested that it be reduced a little so one could actually taste the noodles. Also, presentation could be a lot more better. P.S, the egg is an add-on, which I wasn’t really a fan of.