Urban Loft | Abuja

📍House of Freeda Plaza, 7, Lingu Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Last weekend, we were at Urban Loft. Don’t really like to visit restaurants just when they open, but Urban Loft was an exception cause of their signature burger made with Agege Bread. Needed to see what the hype was about.


Well after a stressing day of running errands, Imani and I went to have late lunch, which eventually turned into a dinner. We had quite the experience here. *sigh Where to start even?


First of all, the colour of this building really stresses me. Anytime I cross paths with it, I literally get an eye sore.


Seems like the restaurant was trying to match the building cause those orange chairs man. But I like it’s contrast together with the carpet grass, clay pots and plants, cause it creates interesting green and orange shades. The outside space was nice to sit in cause it was about to rain again, so the air was cool and somewhat crisp.

Well it eventually began to pour, so we had to move inside which I found cozy and warm. I mean it’s a small space, but I guess that’s what made it cozy. Loved the two wingback chairs placed on the corners near the glazed window. Imagine sitting there, sipping some coffee and reading a book while it rains outside.


This is where we had an issue. It started off well, with a woman who we assumed was the supervisor making sure everything was going okay. We both got our drinks and we were patiently waiting on the food.

So, prep time is something I’ve not really hammered on in my reviews. But know that, if I have to ask “where is my food please”, that means its taken way longer than it should.

You guys, 45 minutes later and we still had no food. Not even the wings. Something I’ve never experienced before. We called their attention and they said it was almost ready. Well food came and guess what? It was the wrong order. We literally sat 45+ minutes for nothing. We had to wait another 15 minutes for our actual order to be brought.

Well, bunch of apologies were made and they offered cake slices to us as compensation for the mix up. We appreciated that.



A few hits and misses, but overall decent. I honestly think it’s slightly overrated, and people are just excited at the fact that the burger bun is made with agege bread. Nothing wrong with that though, I really like the concept.

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings – N1200

Urban Loft Style Burger (x2) – N2500

Complimentary Cake Slices


Good Old Mocktail – N1500

Hot Chocolate – N1000

Water (x2) – N200


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: N10,000 apx (inc. VAT)


Prices are quite fair and quality of food is decent too. Seems like a nice brunch spot for friends, or coffee dates. I like that they have crisps and pastries on display too, actual cafe vibes.


Hot Chocolate – N1000

Could have been hotter tbh, but it tasted good. Nothing really exciting.


Good Old Mocktail – N1500

Interesting drink and I absolutely loved it! Had this twist that just made me keep on sipping.



Urban Loft Style Burger – N2500

The famous agege burger! Well I can say that it was ‘a hit’ as they implied on their menu. Let’s try to deconstruct it.


The Bread: Soft and sweet. Corners were a bit hard though and the bread somewhat soaked up the juices/sauce.

The Patty: Dear Urban Loft, this double patty thing isn’t it. 1 patty would make it the perfect burger tbh cause it was juicy and really tasty! The whole double thing makes it difficult to hold let alone eat, it just turns into a whole mess. I mean look at that medium rare beef!


Sauce x Veggies: Fresh lettuce and the cheese was good too. Not much sauce which I liked.

Fries: I liked them actually cause they were crisp and hot.


Honey Glazed Chicken Wings – N1200

Absolute no! Funny thing is Iman warned me that they don’t taste good cause she’s had them before. But I ignored what she had to say and went ahead to try them. Guys, it’s important to listen to your friends. Very important!


They were not the best tbh, in summary, it tasted like I was eating boiled chicken with a bit of sugar in it. Wasn’t slightly sticky, taste was off and with the texture it was over cooked. We ate them all only cause we’d been waiting over 45 minutes for our food and we were hungry.


Complimentary Cake Slices

I don’t remember what the cake slice was called but it tasted good. Moist and sweet.