Maubby’s Purple Box | Abuja

📍Maitama Amusement Park, IBB Way, Maitama, Abuja.

This is a special post cause I just realised I have never posted anything salad related. Makes me seem like some unhealthy being. But I actually really love salads, I just don’t go out specially to have them. I either make them myself or have them as a side dish if I do end up at a restaurant.

So, the other evening, my friends and I went to Maubby’s Purple Box for late lunch. I’ve been hearing about how great their salad is for the longest of times, so I was pretty pumped to try it.


Your typical salad bar. An overhead menu, display case, cashiers corner desk, organic food products + small seating area. I really loved the space. It was clean and organised.

I liked that there were options of dining inside or outside too. Outside was really nice especially in this rainy season where the weather is ‘sometimes’ cloudy and the air is cool. We sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air Mataima had to offer.



The service was quite okay, we actually had no complaints. You basically walk up to the counter, make a decision, place an order and pay.

Unfortunate that they only have one menu for seat-in diners though.


I mean it’s salad, it’ll be a shame if you mess this up. Portions were really great and everything was fresh! Appreciated that there was a spectrum of vegetables and grains, like quinoa, red kidney beans, cranberries, mixed nuts etc.

Chicken Caesar Salad – N2500

Avocado (add on) – N500

Smoked Chicken Salad – N2500

Chicken Salad (+croutons add on) – N2000


Freshman (Fresh Juice) – N1500


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N9,000 apx (inc. VAT)


I cannot be the only one wondering what the ‘Purple Box’ means or why the to-go packs aren’t purple right? But yeah, I’ve automatically made this my no 1 go to place for salads.


Chicken Caesar Salad – N2500

(lettuce, sweetcorn, croutons, parmesan cheese, grilled chicken)

Avocado (add on) – N500

Absolutely loved this! The lettuce base was fresh and crunchy, so were the corn and croutons. Chicken was tender and seasoned well although, I wished there was more if it in the plate. The avocados made me really happy! I was so full and satisfied after eating it all.



My friends had these bowls below. There’s meant to be cranberries or apples in the mix but it seems they ran out or something. But they were both pretty happy with their meals.

Smoked Chicken Salad – N2500

(lettuce, cucumber, carrot, egg, corn, tomatoes, smoked chicken, avocado, cranberries or apples)

Chicken Salad (+ croutons add on) – N2000

(lettuce, cucumber, carrot, egg, corn, tomatoes, grilled chicken, avocado, cranberries or apples)

Freshman (Fresh Juice) – N1500

(watermelon, orange, pineapple)

What I drank was more the opposite of ‘fresh’man. It tasted like it was made a day prior. Either it actually was, or one of the fruits might’ve started to go bad when they made it.