Boozy Breakfast | Abuja

📍Apple Boulevard, 130, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Brunch at Boozy Breakfast this weekend was so much fun. It was a full house cause my friends and the amazing Blink365 team were there! Btw, we’re cooking up something together, (yes, pun intended) so keep tabs!

Well, since Pamela of ‘@pamsfoodtour’ announced the launch of the restaurant, I immediately added it to my Abuja list as a must visit because I loved the concept of having a brunch place that opened once a week. I think it allows people look forward to Sundays and maybe even make it a tradition to have breakfast/brunch there every week for example.


I love love loved the vibes in the courtyard! The earthy paint x tiles and the plants made it calm and relaxing.

We sat in the tent area so it was a nice inside-outside setting, mainly cause of the view of the plants and paintings.

The indoor dining are was alright, I didn’t get to take much photos cause there were a bunch of people dining.


A few diners were playing board games while waiting for food which was nice. Then the playlist! Felt like it was my ‘Altè Cruise’ playlist that was being streamed. It had the likes of Santi, WurlD, Odunsi x Burna Boy, which had me bopping the whole time.


Service was quite alright. The waiters were enthusiastic and nice. Food was brought in a timely fashion and presented nicely.


Overall, the food was good. I was worried the platter would be too much for me but I managed to down everything except my masa & I think half an egg!

Naija Vibes Platter – N3500 (x2)

Oyinbo Platter – 4500 (x4)


Number of People: 6

Total Bill: N25,000


The restaurant opens from 10am – 2pm only on Sundays. So now you get to add “Brunch at Boozy’s” to your weekend to do lists. Definitely a great spot to hangout with friends and catchup on each other’s lives and whatnot.



Oyinbo Platter – N4500

(waffles, pancakes, toast, baked beans, grilled vegetables, bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tea/coffee, mimosa/orange juice)

Majority went with the Oyinbo platter. It’s presentation was quite decent.

I would say the ‘waffles’ were my favourite off this platter. Thin, sweet and slightly fluffy and the syrup made it even better.


I generally wasn’t a fan of the ‘pancakes’. The mix tasted okay, but it was not as fluffy as should be, and it’s appearance could’ve been better. Like the burnt edges and whatnot.

Well, there were no ‘grilled vegetables’, but I guess they compensated for it with a sprinkle of carrot shavings and a few torn lettuce leaves.


The beef ‘sausages’ were cooked nicely. Didn’t try the bacon, so you’ve got to try that for yourself if you’re ordering it.

It’s actually really hard to find good ‘scrambled eggs‘ in this city. I just want fluffy, creamy, buttery eggs, is that too much to ask for? I was not entirely pleased with this because it felt like there was too much milk in it and not the creamy kind.

Never been a fan of canned ‘mushrooms’, so these were an automatic no for me. However Pam nicely explained that the fresh mushrooms are based on availability. If they aren’t available, the canned ones are used as replacement.


Naija Vibes Platter – N3500

(akara, akamu, agege bread, boiled eggs, masa, spicy sausages, lipton/milo, mimosa/orange juice)

Decided to step away from the usual American/British breakfast and get with the Naija Vibes!


You barely see this option at restaurants, except for @akara_cafe who exclusively serve Nigerian breakfast dishes or @northernfusion (incase you were looking for a place like this)


That ‘agege bread’ is probably one of the softest breads you’ve ever had. Preferentially I like my akara without the diced onions/pepper put into the mix, but what matters is that it tasted good.

The ‘akamu’ was good too. First time I ever added milk to pap and I’m glad I didn’t hate it.

Masa’ was fluffy and nice, would’ve been a plus to have like pepper sauce to pair it with though.


The ‘spicy sausage’ wasn’t as spicy as I imagined/desired. I think this would’ve been a nice opportunity to introduce that sauce I was talking about earlier. Make it like a pepper sauce with sausage pieces in it, so one can eat it with the masa, bread and akara!


Oh oh, plus how nice is it that the food comes in traditional hand crafted objects like the akara’s basket, the pap’s aluminium bowl and the sausage’s calabash.