Jones The Grocer | Dubai

📍Ground Floor, Dubai Mall, UAE.

Kicking of the #DubaiSeries with brunch at Jones. I haven’t been in the city since 2015 and I’m so excited to finally try all the new places with amazing concepts that I’ve been seeing on here and from my babes @yuswah’s awesome page!



I absolutely loved this restaurant. You already know how I feel about earth themed spaces. The wood finishing, plants, marble cladding and soft color of the paint were all in sync. I also loved the furniture, because of it’s simplistic design.

We chose to sit outside, which was a massive mistake with the heat! But being me, I always try to avoid crowds so I felt more comfortable there. Luckily they had fans around the patio which helped a bit.

Plus I mean, the view was something beautiful to look at so yeah! (Forgot to take photographs of views, sorry).


We were welcomed in by a lady at the entrance who asked where we’d like to sit. You could see the confusion in her face when we said we wanted to sit outside. I’m like sis, just take us there.

Food prep was really fast. I think it was 15 minutes and we already had our meals on the table!


Everything was great and the presentations were beautiful!

Pancakes – AED 54

Eggs Benedict – AED 58


Strawberry Lemonade – AED 28

Voss Water – AED 17


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: AED 157 (inc. VAT)


Definitely, definitely sit inside if you do visit here during the summer. Don’t be like me because you will actually melt fr fr.


Eggs Benedict – AED 58

(poached eggs with beef bacon on a baked muffin, asparagus, alfalfa sprouts and hollandaise)

I have been wanting to have Eggs Benedict for the longest of times! After sunnyside up, this is my favourite way to have eggs. The beef bacon was seasoned nicely. I legit downed everything it in like seconds. Lol.


Pancakes – AED 54

(Home-made coconut flour pancakes with blueberry compote, pecan crumble and whipped Greek yoghurt)

Tried some of Yusrah’s pancakes, and they were amazing! The pecan crumble was my favourite thing on the plate, because it added a crunchy texture. Pancakes itself were light and fluffy, beautiful.


Strawberry Lemonade – AED 28

This was definitely needed for the weather!