Fish Beach Taverna | Dubai

📍Le Meridien, Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Dubai, UAE.

Dinner at the beach the other day was a different vibe! I mean what beats good food, great company and a beautiful sunset view? Nothing, that’s the answer. Went to Fish Beach Taverna with my babes and we had the best time.



Walking in from the entrance made me feel like I had just teleported to Greece for a second.

This was because of the white walls, hints of blue with the furniture and fittings, as well as the presence of plants/trees!

We stepped inside and it was even prettier. My favourite thing was the fish display counter which is for you to pick the fish you want to get cooked by yourself.

Well, the sun was setting, so it seemed only right to sit outside and watch it set. It was hot obviously, but sitting by the water slightly made it better. The lights were my absolute fave because they made the space look so magical and warm!


Service was good. Waiters kept making sure we had everything we needed and whatnot.


It’s a Turkish/Greek restaurant so it was nice to have a variety to choose from. Portions were good as we all didn’t even finish our plates.

Complimentary Bread

Kalamar Tava \ Kalamari – AED 58

Balik Kofte \ Psaro Keftes – AED 74

Pekmez / Petimezi – AED 148

Red Pilav – AED 32


Beach Peach – AED 47

Home Passion – AED 47

Watermelon Punch – AED 42

Large Water – AED 29


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: AED 477 (inc. VAT)


Make sure you order exactly what you can eat, because they don’t do takeouts due to health risks and whatnot. I basically had half my calamari left and I’m like nope, I’m taking it with me (cause they were so good).

So they had it wrapped in foil for me with a disclaimer sticker on it. So ask for the same or if it’s that deep take your takeout bowl with you, as a friend jokingly suggested.


Complimentary Bread

(basil leaves, olive oil, vinegar, bread, tomatoes and lemon)

This is basically a make yourself a bruschetta plate as Aisha said. Love the concept of it.

Home Passion – AED 47

Can’t see a passion fruit infused drink and say no. Never!!!! Tasted great!


Kalamar Tava \ Kalamari – AED 58

(deep-fried baby calamari served with tarator sauce)

The portion for this was a lot and I loved it! More the merrier yeah? It was really good, batter was light and seasoned moderately. Tartar sauce wasn’t the best though, wasn’t zesty enough. Had to add some salt and stuff to make it better.


Balik Kofte \ Psaro Keftes – AED 74

(pan-fried sea bass and sea bream mix with onion, parsley, garlic and cheese topped with tomato sauce)

This paired well with the pilav rice. It had this tangy taste that creates some excitement in your mouth. Would’ve been even more interesting if it was coated in panko/bread crumbs.

Red Pilav – AED 32

(tomato baldo rice)


Basically jollof rice, without all the spices that you’d usually use in making it. Could’ve done with more tomato paste though.

Pekmez / Petimezi – AED 148

(pan-fried tiger prawns marinated in chili flakes, basil and thick grape juice)

Second favourite thing of the night. It had bell peppers and it’s sauce was a nice combination with the rice!