London Dairy Cafè | Dubai

📍Aspin Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

If you know Yusrah well enough, you’d know that London Dairy Cafe is one of her all time favourites. So you can imagine how excited I was to go visit.


One of the things I missed about this city was eating at restaurants along Sheikh Zayed Road. There’s just something about dining and having the beautiful view of buildings and cars going to and fro in front of you.

The restaurant itself was stunning. My favourite thing about the entire space were the lighting fixtures and how they produced this golden effect all around.

Going up the stairs, there’s this shelf where you have some books x plants, I thought it was a nice touch. We sat upstairs, where we could see the chefs doing what they do best.

It was a tad bit cold at the time, but my hot milk kept me warm.


Love that it was a 24/7 restaurant, hence me having English breakfast at 12am in the morning. Few things weren’t available, but I guess that’s expected at that hour.


My meal was a hit! Wish I could re-eat it.

The Full English Breakfast – AED 65

Chicken & Chipotle Cheese Wrap – AED 27


Hot White Chocolate 12oz – AED 16

Cappuccino 12oz – AED 16


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: AED 124 (inc. VAT)


If you’re ever in the city, just have it at the back of your mind that there’s somewhere you can have breakfast meals and desserts at 3am in the morning.


The Full English Breakfast – AED 65

I actually underestimated this plate. I’m like pfthhh there’s no way this would be enough for me, but halfway through I’m like whoopps. Chicken Sausage was my favourite thing off this plate, it was so full of flavour!


Hot White Chocolate 12oz – AED 16

It was quite good, but I’ve definitely had better.


Cappuccino 12oz – AED 16
Chicken & Chipotle Cheese Wrap – AED 27