Visiting the Louvre | Abu Dhabi Diaries

So my friends and I spent the day at Abu Dhabi and it was a super fun, yet exhausting trip! I had the best time there thanks to the amazing architects and artists of the Louvre and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and most importantly my friends!


Well, the day started off with us waking up late (as expected). We eventually did get our butts up and I called everyone else to check that they were awake too! Had some breakfast and we started getting ready.

We changed plans to go after Friday prayers instead, cause I mean it was almost time anyways. So we began taking selfies to pass the time. I’ve decided to bless you with one.


Eventuarry, the gang pulled up outside and we were good to go. Stopped at a gas station along the way to get some snacks and ice cream and that’s where the trip officially started!

Mid journey I decided to ask them some ‘would you rather’ questions. The internet isn’t safe you guys, some people are actually troubled lmaooo cause some of the questions I read were quite dark!

Anyways our first location was the Louvre at Saadiyat Island! I’ve been so excited to come here mainly cause I think the building itself is beautiful and I get to go in and see art created by talented artists too.

We parked and found our way to the entrance. On the way there you walk under some sort of steel pavilion. I was mainly intrigued by the shadow patterns it created on the ground. Doesn’t show in this image cause I took it as the sun had began to set.


Got in line and secured our tickets and we began exploring! I’m just gonna put a bunch of images for this bit.


Inside the Museum

Outside the Museum

On our way out we stopped by the Boutique. I mean what’s a museum visit without getting souvenirs?

I got myself a Mondrian ‘Untitled Series’ Sketchbook and a Post Card of one of my favourite pieces in the museum.


We definitely had fun here at the museum! We walked to the car park and we were on our way to our next Destination! The Sheikh Zayed Mosque 🕌 !

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