Sheikh Zayed Mosque | Abu Dhabi Diaries

After having a swell time at the Louvre, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque was our next stop.


Last time I visited the mosque was 2015 I think and I went during the day on Friday for Juma’a Prayers! So I paid attention to every single detail and it was honestly one of the most beautiful places I had been in. I got to freely explore the mosque and take all the images I wanted. I said to myself that the next time I would visit would be at night so I get to see the lighting effects.


Well 4 years is a long time cause my experience during my visit this time wasn’t even close to that of the last. Everything was a mess! It didn’t feel like I was going to a mosque anymore rather it felt like I was going to some themed park or mall even (there was literally a whole retail/food&beverage floor before getting in)


It was probably a mistake for us to have gone on a weekend cause it was sooo chocked up and just extra full! Urgh. But all in all I was glad we went cause I got to see the building at night and it was even better than I imagined. My favourite feature was the reflection of the lights in the water.


At this point we were beyond hungry and we went to grab some dinner afterwards. We had Lebanese at Abd El Wahab Restaurant and it was amazing, I didn’t eat much but I was quite full!

Adios Abu Dhabi ✌🏾. Till we meet again.






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