Chic Cafè | Abuja

📍Ground Floor, Dunes Centre, 44, Aguiyi Ironsi St, Maitama.

Spent wednesday afternoon tasting lovely desserts at “Chic Cafe” which is one of Dunes Abuja’s restaurants! I’m starting to love desserts a lot more these days. Can you believe I actually said the words “I’m full?” Curse my small stomach.



The cafe is located on the Ground Floor close to the atrium. Marble tiles are used all around the space which I like. Gives it this simple and ‘chic’ look which pairs great with the white furniture.

Another thing I liked where the drop lights. I felt that it added character to the space. Saying it’s elegant but can also be a bit edgy too.


I mean it was just me, so I don’t exactly have anything to judge on. But then;

I think it’s nice that the menus are placed on the tables, I believe this would attract people and encourage them to check and hopefully eat too.

Another feature I appreciate is that it’s an open kitchen, so you get to see everything done right in front of you.



Innovative menu with the necessary variety. The plan was to taste something from each section so you can have an idea of what they’re like.

I was told everything is made fresh and according to order everyday! Let’s not forget how important this is.

Caramel Pop Signature Ice Cream Cup – N1900

Mini Pancake Ice Cream – N1800

Nutella Crepe – N2500

Daily Fit (Fresh Juice) – 1800


Go with an empty stomach cause everything tastes good and I bet you’d want more. I also think the prices are fair, except that there’s no way I’m paying for a milkshake that costs N2900. No.

+ they have images of the food on the menu and it’s actually presented to you as photographed, no scams here.

Disclaimer: Ice cream is one of my least favourite things in the world, so I’ve barely had them enough times to know what’s good and what’s great! I mainly have them when paired with desserts so everything sorta tastes the same to me. So, basically I’m saying you’d have to freestyle all my ice cream related posts.



Mini Pancake Ice Cream – N1800

First plate of the day. Who doesn’t like minis please? Mini burgers, mini pancakes, mini pizzas, yes! These were really nice and filling. I would’ve loved for the texture to be a bit more fluffy but it was good regardless. Presentation could also be better!


‘Caramel Pop’ Signature Ice Cream Cup – N1900

I considered this a mini ice cream sundae. (read my disclaimer about ice cream above). What got me excited the most was the popcorn base because it added texture and crunch to the entire dessert.


Nutella Crepe – N2500

Where are the crepe fans? This was quite decent and presented nicely. Only issue was I wished it was warmer than it was, cause cold crepes aren’t it at all.


However, the strawberry ice cream was exceptional. I could literally taste the freshness and it felt more like a sorbet than ice cream in my opinion.


Daily Fit (Fresh Juice) – N1800

(Passion fruit, apple and pineapple)

You know my guilty pleasure. This was super refreshing to drink. They used a food processor right in front of us to make it. No bits or grains just pure juice.




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