Tulip Bistro | Abuja

📍7, Atakpame St, Wuse 2, Abuja

Had a beautiful time at lunch with Unyo, Tope & Imani the other day at Tulip Bistro.



Going through the gates, I was instantly drawn to the outdoor seating area on the right. I sat under one of the umbrellas while I waited for the girls. Wasn’t the best though as the generator was right beside me (realised a few moments later) so I moved a few tables back.

I’ve dined inside on previous visits, but sitting outside was way better for me cause I liked the natural air and the busyness of the street too.

I also liked the ‘eat, pray, love’ on your way to the entrance. Seeing as it’s tied with Tearoom, it was nice to see the flowers all the way down here, as opposed to having two different concepts that have no relationship with the other.


Quite decent. Waiter was polite & attentive and food didn’t take too long.


Tulip delivered this time around and I was very satisfied with my meal. Good portion sizes with decent presentation techniques.

Anadariya Baby Chicken w Mashed Potatoes – N3500

Lasagna – N5000

Three Cheese Pasta w Chicken – N6000


Strawberry Daiquiri – N2000

Soft Drinks – N300 (x2)


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: N17,000 apx (inc. VAT)


From my observation, Tulip Bistro is popular for its pasta dishes and salads. So if it’s your first time visiting, I’d recommend you try one from the variety they offer. But the baby chicken is definitely a new fave for me.


Say hi to pretty Unyo!
Anadariya Baby Chicken w Mashed Potatoes – N3500

Where to even begin! Well, the chicken was well marinated and grilled perfectly, I literally kept eating even after establishing that I was full. + why does my chicken look like it was fighting karate before it was slaughtered?



Then the mash! Urgh I neeeds the recipe! Texture was smooth, it had enough butter and cream and it was well seasoned also! + it’s portion size was generous too.


Three Cheese Pasta w Chicken – N6000

What’s better than having cheese in Pasta? Having 3 different types of cheese in 1 pasta dish is what! Forgot to ask what 3 in particular were in there though.


What I really liked about this was the color. The shade of orange made me happy by just looking at it. The taste on the other hand wasn’t as great. We don’t know what cheese in particular, but one had an odd sour taste that just didn’t integrate with the dish properly.

Lasagne – N5000

First off, the presentation of this dish is just plain disappointing. However, the meat sauce was oozing with flavour and the pasta itself was cooked well!



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