Café Flour | Abuja

📍Cappador mall, opp Yoruba mosque, Maitama, Abuja.

Café Flour has been on my list for a minute. I’ve seen a few reviews here and there, of which were mostly positive. Well it was a friends birthday on Sunday and she suggested we go there to grab some food!


This café is one of the most visually pleasing restaurants I’ve come across in the city and one of the most coziest too.


Approaching the restaurant from the parking lot, you’d first see this ‘add-on’ structure that’s covered with open umbrellas, cool right?

As you continue walking towards the restaurant, you arrive at an outdoor seating area which looked relaxing due to the weather. Well my friends preferred to sit inside, and so we did.

The interior decor made it feel somewhat homey because of the furniture, bookshelf, lighting and the wall full of photographs amongst other stuff.

Another thing I liked was the Kusmi Tea on display, you get to pick your preferred choice.


The wall of photographs was also a favourite. From what I could tell it was a collation of images from various family trips and whatnot.


Good service. Our waitress was welcoming and catered to all we needed without stress. Food came in under 15 minutes which was really good!

Also, they have colouring books & building blocks to play with. We assumed they were for kids, but we’re all kids at heart no?



Generally good and the prices are affordable. The ‘smokey greasy grove’ sandwich especially was amazing. I highly recommend it.

Lemon Cake Slice – N1500

Red Velvet w Cream Cheese Frosting – N1900

Smokey Greasy Grove Sandwich – N2300

Waffles w White Chocolate – N2500

All Day Breakfast – N3000

Sugar Cookies – N200


Water – N200

Coke – N500


Number of People: 4

Total Bill: N12,000 apx (inc. VAT)


I really love this café because they have such a wide range of baked goods and savoury items too, which are all good (from what I’ve tasted).

I think this would be a perfect place to get some work done privately, read a book and sip some coffee, lunch break or casual meeting. There’s also shisha available here.


All Day Breakfast – N3000

First, beautifully made eggs and the sausages were cooked perfectly. However I don’t think it matches its price. A few more slices of bread, some mushrooms or tomatoes would’ve come a long way.


Smokey Greasy Grove Sandwich – N2300

Absolutely loved this! The filling itself was tasty and moist. Comes with a basket of fries.


Waffles w White Chocolate – N2500

I didn’t get to taste this one, but I liked the presentation, simple and clean!


Lemon Cake Slice – N1500

You could use this to sell me, I’m not even kidding. It was moist and the taste of lemon was subtle and not overpowering.


Red Velvet w Cream Cheese Frosting – N1900

I honestly just loved how pretty this was. For someone that hates frosting/icing, best believe I had all of it!


Pink Lemonade – N1500

Pretty right? Could’ve done with a bit more sugar, but that’s me. I really liked it!