Le Japhé | Abuja Diaries

So a few weeks back, I had a sit down with Coker Japhet, the magic hands behind Le Japhé! We had a really good talk and I learnt a lot about him and his business.

Le Japhé is a catering business that makes both sweet and savoury meals i.e whole cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, burgers hot dogs, and many more.

I got to try some of his cakes which I really liked. I got a sample of the red velvet, oreo, and vanilla cake to name a few and the texture and taste of them were all spot on. However I wished he had some icing on it so I could get an idea of the whole package.


So to get a general idea of his technique and skills, I decided to order a box of cupcakes. He delivered them to me himself and I was excited to try them.

I got the red velvet flavoured cake and boy was it scrumptious! Moist and sweet. I particularly liked that cake was sprinkled on the icing like a topping.


Packaging could be better, but I’m sure it’s something he’s working on.

From our conversation, I got the impression that Coker is very passionate about his cooking and baking and I believe it reflects in his work.

Check out his page on Instagram, and order a box of cupcakes amongst other stuff while you’re at it! 😉.








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