The Pavilion 2.0 | Abuja

📍12, Ukpabi Asika St, Asokoro

Second time at Pavilion and it was amazing! A group of friends and I decided to restaurant hop for the day and Pavilion was our first stop.

There have been a lot of changes both with the menu and the ambience. I believe the addition of the roof structure and change of furniture have made the space more beautiful to be in.

In regards to the menu, there have been a few omissions and additions. Last time I visited I had the Seafood Pasta and my friend had the Lamb Chops with candied yam and plantain. Well now, they’ve completely removed the pasta and the lamb chops just comes on it’s own.

Well we all had a swell time. We played games while we waited for the food and then visited Retro Africa Gallery after we were done eating.

Well, let’s dive straight into what we each had to eat.

Crispy Chicken Salad – N3000

Hands down best salad I’ve tasted in Abuja. Chicken was tender and seasoning was spot on. The sriracha sauce brought all the elements together and I liked the addition of honey which gave it a sweet touch.


Duck & Waffle – N5800

This was what I ordered. In my 1yr of restaurant hopping in this city, this is the first time I’ve been presented with properly made eggs! The sunnyside up’s yolk was actually runny and it was well seasoned too.


However, duck confit could have been a bit more moist, but is tasted good. I also appreciated that the waffles were fluffy. Drizzle some syrup on there, you’ve created magic!


Most importantly this doesn’t match the price at all. I thought it was too expensive for the portion presented. A full waffle and some more of the protein would’ve made it worth it. It legit felt like I was having a starter not a mains.

Short Rib Mac and Cheese – N4200

The ever popular Mac & Cheese from Pavilion. I think everyone that visited last week had this dish too.


I wasn’t completely a fan though. I thought the presentation was beautiful, gotta give it to the restaurant, they plate their dishes nicely.


But it was a bit grainy and it wasn’t seasoned well at all. Both pasta and short rib could have done with more salt. Additionally, I would have personally loved for it to be a bit more creamy.

Suya Chicken Wrap – N2300

Nothing really exciting about this. Just some chicken pieces and veggies enclosed in a tortilla wrap. It wasn’t even toasted.


Frozen Ginger Hurricane – N1200

The ginger in this drink was quite overpowering, but for some reason, I really liked it.


A summary of everything we had;


Crispy Chicken Salad – N3000

Short Rib Mac and Cheese – N4200

West African Jambalaya – N3500

Duck & Waffle – N5800

Suya Chicken Wrap – N2300

Pavilion Burger – N3200


Frozen Ginger Hurricane – N1200

Chapman – N1500

Mojito – N2000