Handmade Burger Co | Aberdeen

📍Union Square, Guild St, Aberdeen, AB11 5RG

Back in the land of the Scotts, and I realised I actually missed it here! Back to further my education and I’m both freaked out & excited, but we movveeeeeee.

Anyways amidst all the settling down and whatnot, I stopped by HBC for some lunch and had some classic burgers and fries. It was a really good meal and I had a big smile on my face in the end.



The restaurant had a warm feel to it. It was empty at the time therefore super quiet, which I really liked. Also loved the play with the chairs and their colors. The little quotes and wordings on the walls are also a nice touch!


Can’t go wrong with burgersss! Loved how soft the buns were and how I could see every component without tearing it for parts LOL. Beef patty was juicy and reasonably seasoned. Chips also banged, the chunky kind that’s like mash inside.

Classic Beef Burger – £7.95

BBQ Chicken Burger – £8.95



Elderflower Mocktail – (x2)


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: £16.90


If you’re just in the mood for burgers and fries, then HBC is for you with many fusions for you to try. Also one of the restaurants that have the lunch deals starting from about £7.95.


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