Prezzo | Aberdeen

📍Marischal Square, Unit A2, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL

Been craving a big bowl of pasta for a minute and I eventually found my way to Prezzo. Went to the one at Marischal Square cause close by and all that. Dragged my partner in crime, Abi, ofcourse and it was litttyyy!



I particularly loved the colors in this restaurant, the beautiful artwork, and the greenery too. I mean, they had a whole tree on a table.

Luckily it wasn’t too cold, so we sat comfortably while waiting for food. Playlist was weird though.


Steady hit. From the starters down to the dessert. I could say that my cravings were greatly satisfied.

Stuffed Baked Mushrooms – £6.80

Italian Hummus – £5.50

Spaghetti with King Prawns – £12.95

Penne Arrabbiata – £9.10 + fresh mozarella £1.50

Vanilla Cheesecake x Hot Chocolate – £5.95


Citrus Cooler Mocktail – £3.60 (x2)


Number of People: 2

Total Bill: £46.50


If you’re in the city and looking for a hearty italian meal, Prezzo should be in your options! Also, keep tabs on their website as they have offers regularly. There’s currently a 40% off main meals and 25% off for students.


Citrus Cooler Mocktail – £3.60

(tangy and refreshing, made with Fentimans Victorian lemonade and a dash of peach)

Order this, and thank me later!


Stuffed Baked Mushrooms – £6.80

(topped with mozzarella, onion and garlic)

Don’t you just love mushrooms? These were really full of flavour , however I thought they could’ve done without the diced onions. Paired well with the mayo.


Italian Hummus – £5.50

(served with grilled flatbread)

I cannot believe there’s people who don’t like hummus. This particular bowl of ground chickpeas was from heaven! It wasn’t too grainy and it had a swirl of what we assumed to be curry sauce in it.


Penne Arrabbiata – £9.10

(in a garlic pomodoro sauce with a kick of chilli + fresh mozarella £1.50)

Abi had this plate and she really liked it, had a spoonful and so did I. Pairing it with the mozzarella was a 100!



Spaghetti with King Prawns – £12.95

(in a chilli garlic pomodoro sauce)

Funny how I went with the intention of having a cream based pasta, but ended up having tomato based instead. Best decision because I enjoyed every bite. They were generous with the prawns and the sauce was seasoned nicely.


Vanilla Cheesecake x Hot Chocolate – £5.95

(with salted caramel sauce and a hot beverage)

This was exactly what I needed to end that scrumptious dinner. The hot chocolate had the right ratio of chocolate:milk, it was perfect. Cheesecake was nice, although the crust was a miss for me.