Stack & Still | Glasgow

📍100-108, West George St, Glasgow, G2 1PJ

Finally got a breather from school and ofcourse I took advantage of it. My friends and I went to watch Goldlink perform in Glasgow over the weekend, and it was amazing! (dear Santi, we’re still upset you didn’t come btw)img_7913Glasgow is one of my favourite places to be in Scotland and I was happy to be back there trying new places. Stack & Still was somewhere I had on my mind for months and I was looking for the slightest excuse to go and luckily one presented itself.img_7760AMBIENCE:

I liked the overall design of the restaurant. From the furniture, to the posters on the wall and the lighting fixtures. I felt everything complimented each other. + I love how there’s like a twinkle effect in the ambience photos. ✨

I appreciatd that there were different seating options too. We sat in a booth and it was really nice. It was super warm cozy too.


I had heard good things about Stack & Still prior to going so I had super high expectations! I’m happy to say my expectations were met, actually no, they superseded them even.

I read that they have about 12 million possible pancake meal combinations and I just think that’s insane right? I love savoury food, so when you tell me I can have things like salmon, pulled chicken, or even steak on my pancakes, BEST BELIEVE I am signing up for it. Take. All. My. Moneeyyyy.

Seafood Stack – £9.50

Spicy Chicken Stack- £9.50

Toffee Apple Stack- £9.50

Sautéed Mushrooms – £1.00

Maple Syrup – £2.50

Rosemary Skinny Fries – £3.50

Cajun Skinny Fries – £3.50


Mint Tea – £3.00

Breakfast Tea – £3.00

Orange Juice – £3.00


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: £52.80


Go wild. That’s all I have to say. There are so manyy options for you to choose from x multiple combinations to make!!



Seafood Stack – £9.50

(buttermilk stack,smoked salmon, citrus crème fraîche, beets, pickled onion, parsley, lemon dressing)img_7762Yes, it’s slightly weird to see salmon and the other stuff as pancake toppings, but did you taste this beautiful creation? It was everything and more.img_7787I had a side of sautéed mushrooms too and that just brought everything together. The radish that topped the salmon added a nice tangy taste to it and the sour cream complimented that. Threw in some maple syrup too cause sometimes sweet-savoury no?

Spicy Chicken Stack – £9.50

(buttermilk stack, cajun marinade chicken, peppers, onion, mashed avocado, lime, sour cream, hot sauce)img_7764This was soooo good. I was worried the chicken would be chicken strips and not pulled chicken but they actually served it with as pulled. The cajun marinade was spot on.

Toffee Apple Stack – £9.50

(buttermilk stack, caramelised apple & cinnamon, walnuts, toffee crisp crumble, chocolate sauce, toffee sauce)img_7774Abigail got this stack and all I could see on her plate was “DIABETES” written in bold. There was just soo much sugar elements in there. But she said it was really good and she finished her plate unlike me. Haha.