Chaakoo | Glasgow

📍79, St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5TF

Super late post, but here it is! Chaakoo was one of the restaurants I visited while in Glasgow the other weekend.


I initially thought it was just an Indian restaurant but appaz it’s a fusion of Iranian x Indian cuisine. Well, seeing as indian is one of my favourite cuisines, we went for that and the food banged in so many ways!


The interior had this antique-modern decoration which I really loved, particularly the contrast between dark green and the wood. Various seating options were available and my favourite was the booth, which we sat at.

The details in the restaurant can’t go unnoticed. From the writings on the wall, the furniture, lighting fixtures and even the art pieces found around. (tried to record a video of the stairwell that had both walls full of framed photographs, which was amazing, but my phone had a mind of it’s own then)


I like that it’s a fusion of Iranian and Indian food, which means you get variety! The sauces were both great, but the butter chicken took the win! I had it with both Naan and rice, I super recommended!

The rice was so pretty to look at and it’s fragrance was soo good. Chicken wings were marinated nicely and paired well with the mint sauce.

Butter Chicken – £6.75

Tandoori Spiced Wings – £6.25

Lemon Rice – £2.95 (x3)

Naan Bread- £1.95


Number of People: 3

Total Bill: £30.75


Keep in mind, the meals are more ‘tapas’ than mains, so everything comes in tiny portions, but this encourages sharing though. So a group of 6 can order a bunch of stuff and share amongst each other.


Naan Bread- £1.95
Lemon Rice – £2.95

(basmati rice, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, fresh lemon juice)


Butter Chicken – £6.75

(tandoor chicken & tomatoes, cashews, green cardamom in mildly spiced butter sauce)


Rara Gosh – £6.95

(roasted lamb pieces, steeped in a spicy minced lamb curry with punjabi spices, onions and tomatoes)


Tandoori Spiced Wings – £6.25

(as good as they get chicken wings, tossed in our Bombay house sauce)