1960 Inspired ✨

Hey beautiful people! How have we been these past few weeks? I hope everyone is staying strong during these tough times. We will get through this In Sha Allah.

A few weeks ago, I collaborated with my b, Ify and we created magic! These shots were for the launch of her small business, ‘1960’, which serves ‘authentic Nigerian finger food’!

Ify has always been passionate about cooking and using it to bring people together, so when she called to tell me about it, I was super gassed.


To begin the shoot, we took photos of the packaging first.

Then we started with the ‘Yam fingers’ which are served with ‘Atarodo sauce’


Next up was this beautiful wok full of ‘Gizdodo’ (an all-time favourite)


We then moved to the ‘Peppered Goat Meat’. Fave thing about this dish is how pepperish it is!!


Last but not least was the one and only classic ‘PUFF PUFF’. Ify actually makes the best out here! Love love them!


The shoot was fun cause I got to be in touch with my creative side (outside of uni work 😒) but mostly cause I got to eat too! 🤪✨

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 everythings been put on hold, but hopefully we get to be more creative in the weeks (or months 😢) to come. In Sha Allah.

Here is a copy of the menu;



#Staysafe #Stayhome







2 responses to “1960 Inspired ✨”

  1. Sam avatar

    Created magic indeed! The pictures are really good and all the food looks so tempting: the packaging is great as well- it gives off the right vibe. Good job!

    Since i’m here , i might as well mention how much i love your blog. I found the reviews to be quite accurate when i tried (and suggested to the others!) a couple of places on your Abuja restaurant list. You my friend, have a palate that can be trusted:-)

    Don’t ever stop writing!


    1. Salmah Abubakar avatar

      This means so much to me! I appreciate it so much. I’m glad you enjoy reading it. More to come In Sha Allah ✨


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