Breakfast in Bread | #SalmahXORemakes

One of my favorite things to do is watch food related shows or videos. I’m always eager to learn and experiment, so I usually make mental or physical notes about what I want to try and recreate. Which I do, but rarely share on here.


So, (mainly cause I’m bored) I’ve decided to challenge myself to recreate AND properly document some of the dishes I’ve found interesting or have made my mouth water through the screen lately. 💃🏾✨

Food insider is one of the channels that has inspired a lot of my meals, I mean a lot. I was looking for breakfast ideas yesterday and I came across a video compilation titled ‘ultimate brunch tour around the world’ and in there I saw the ‘Breakfast in Brunch’ dish.


Watch Food Insider Video

Breakfast in Bread is basically an English breakfast in a bread bowl. The video mentioned how it was a way to combine the French’s love for bread and the English with, well I guess their ‘breakfast’ 😄.


I thought it was a fun dish to try cause you could fill it with anything you wanted. My bread bowl had a layering of mozzarella & cheddar cheese, spinach, chicken frankfurters, mushrooms, spices and an egg.



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