Stack & Still 2.0 | Glasgow

Soon as I knew I was taking a trip to Glasgow, I knew the first place I was gonna stop by was Stack and Still. Since my last visit in Nov ‘19, I’ve been dreaming of coming back, but then there was a whole ass pandemic separating us. But as soon as things got ‘safer’, we persevered and found our way down.

Ambience was definitely different because of social distancing and limited seating. So it wasn’t like the last time where there was so much chatter from all angles and seeing waiters go up and down and whatnot. Here are two awkward photos of me! 😄

Food still banged. Heavy! I mean you saw me struggle to finish my TWO stacks of pancakes. Emphasis on TWO! Pretty sure I have failed my fans. 😄


Soon as I saw the menu, I noticed it had changed and my eyes were fixed on the ‘All American’ pancake stack which was topped with shredded beef, mac’n’cheese, gherkins, american mustard, onion rings and smoked bbq glaze.

I was so curious to find out how mac ‘n’ cheese worked on a pancake stack, but when I tell you it was one of the best combos I ever had, I’m not even kidding.


The mac ‘n’ cheese on its own was moist and cheesy as should be, then paired with that shredded beef? A madness! Mustard added some heat while the bbq sauce helped tone it down.

Other plate was the ‘Spicy Chicken Stack’ which was also featured on my blog back in Nov. Chicken was tender and the slaw was really good. All it needed was some sauce and it’d have been a 100!


What weird pancake combinations have you had? 😁





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