Big Feed: Street Food Social Event | Glasgow Diaries

One of the highlights of my weekend in Glasgow was visiting the Big Feed Street Food Social event. After the one I had in London back in January, I was worried I’d not be able to attend another one for a very long time due to the pandemic.


That changed when I was looking up ‘things to do in Glasgow’ and the Big Feed website popped up. I was skeptical at first, but I read through the health and safety measures they were implementing so I felt a bit more confident about going. And so we weeeenttt!

Arriving at the address, there was a sign board welcoming us into the lot.


Walking in, you see a group of people seated just outside what looks like a warehouse. I was definitely overwhelmed by the sight of that, but moving closer I saw the distancing was actually there.


Well made our way to the entrance where we were told we needed to download the app for ordering drinks and filling a ‘track and trace’ form. One of the ushers, ushered us (I’m allowed to use those words together right? 😂) to our table and I sat to download the app.

Let the eating begin!!! Keep in mind that I looked at menus from each stall, so I noted down what I was most interested in, so as to save time.

First stop was ‘Fujisan’ which serves Japanese street food. They had a few interesting things on the menu but I was most curious to try the ‘Chicken Karaage Cup’.

I don’t remember the exact description, but it was essentially bite sized deep fried japanese style chicken with the famous ‘Pac-Man sauce’ which is what made me curious cause I’d never tried it.


You know how they say curiosity killed the cat yeah? I was the cat that day. I did not like the sauce. To describe it simply, it tasted like raw okra with a bit of vinegar in it. But I came to find out that Pac-Man sauce is a mix of lemon and chopped spring onions. A no no for me.

However the chicken on it’s own was beautiful as it was tender, moist and well seasoned. So I basically scraped off the sauce and ate the chicken on it’s own.

Next stop was the ‘Salt N Chilli’ stall. I ordered the ‘Salt n Pepper Chips’ and it was quite alright. I liked the dry spices on it and it was crispy.



Next up was ‘Duck’ for some beautiful ‘Roasted Duck Pancakes‘ which we’re described as oriental pancakes with spring onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce. It was full of flavour and the duck was tender as well.



What’s a street food fair without some pizza? Decided to get a Margherita Pizza from the ‘Norelli’ stall. Was a bit burnt, but I managed to enjoy some un-burnt parts. Tasted just like Napoli Pizza!



For dessert, got some ‘Biscoff Churros’ from ‘Muerte Por Churros’ which translates into Death by Churros. The name fits it cause boy, that was one hell of a dessert! It was a lot and I loved it.


The Churros were sooo good and thick and the whipped cream x biscoff x Lotus crumbs was such a good pairing.

It was a really fun day though! If you are ever in Glasgow, I suggest you visit (When the number of cases comes down please).