The Key | Aberdeen

📍Address: 65, Regent Quay, AB11 5AR

The other day at The Key, Aberdeen! A cafe that’s focused on providing a healthy and exciting menu that compliments the healthy lifestyle of individuals.

In all my experience of eating out (or eating in general 😅) I haven’t paid attention to the amount of calories that I consume. So it was interesting to see the nutritional information accompanying the meals description.


The space was quite nice. Minimal decoration with a hint of green here and there.

Also loved the painting of the sky on the ceiling which gave an illusion of being in a garden outside.


Quite a variety of dishes that were tasty. However due to portion controls and whatnot I found the meals wayy too little and didn’t satisfy the vacuum that is my stomach 😅. Ended up ordering more stuff, which I forgot to photograph.


Italian Lean Meatballs – £7.25

(chefs recipe lean meatballs served with fusilli pasta tossed in a tangy tomato sauce )

Ate this is under 5 minutes I think 😅, but it was quite good, especially the meatballs. Would’ve like a bit more sauce but that’d have added to the calories right? Hahaha


Couldn’t find the name/description of this meal, but it was basically a chicken stir-fry sauce served on a bed of black rice/quinoa.



Based on this experience, I’m pretty sure I’m not doing this health thing again 😅. Portions are too small and I feel it doesn’t add up to the price. Serve me up some chicken platters please.