Gidi Grill | Dundee

📍Unit 1B, City Quay, Dundee, DD1 3JA

Took a day trip to Dundee last weekend and visiting Gidi Grill was a must! Abigail had told me about it and I was super gassed to visit cause I’d never visited a West African themed restaurant in Scotland yet. Sooo we wenttttttt.

Just as the menu reads, the Gidi Grill is a West African and Caribbean inspired restaurant that fuses various sauces from around the world. While reading this, my mouth was watering.


The restaurant space was small and cozy with beautiful fairy lights wrapped around the structural beams which lit up the area. Also liked that it was close to the Quay, so you had a nice view of the water.

From the interior decor you could identify that it was indeed a fusion of two cultures. The multicoloured wooden chairs and tables identified with the Caribbean side while some art pieces and most of the music being played identified with West Africa.

The music was part of my favourite bits cause I was listening to the likes of Burna Boy and Wizkid while dancing on my seat. It was just the vibe I expected.


Loved that the menu was short and simple. I wanted to try dishes from both cultures, so some suya and some jerk chicken and throw in some plantains too with saucessss.


I had missed Chapman sooo bad so I was happy to see this on the menu! It was like I had teleported to my childhood and I was in Sheraton sipping their huge glasses of Chapman. Highly recommend!

Red Velvet

Pepper Pot Soup

(with hake fish and natural herbs and spices)

The best peppersoup I’ve had in a while. Loved the presentation and all the spices you get with every spoon. I’d definitely recommended.

Suya Grilled Lamb

(with natural spices,served with fresh tomatoes, onions and lettuce)

Not sure why I expected this to be served in a newspaper 😅, but it was quite good. I loved that it was tender, but I felt it needed a bit more salt.

Jerk Sweet Fire Wings

(with mango chutney, garlic & herb mayo, vegetable crudités)

You know wings have a special place in my heart. Loved the play btwn sweet and salty in this and dipping it into the sauce made it 10x better.

The Gidi Grill Chicken Burger

(topped with beef tomato, lettuce and dill pickle on toasted pretzel bun with house burger sauce)

For the Caribbean option, I chose the jerk flavoured chicken burger. An option to load up the burger with any of the sides was written and of course I chose plantain. Look. At. The. Layers.

I’ve never done that before and I thought it’d be interesting to try it. It was a good one cause it added some sweetness to the meal. Not a fan of hard plantains though, so I wished it was softer.

Grilled Half Chicken

(served on the bone)

Abi had this plate, but the chicken looked tender and well marinated. I tried the green sauce and we both agreed we had to ask them to start selling it.

Fried Plantain

A side of plantain just cause 😍


Make sure to book before you go, cause it’s a small space that’s popular, so walk-ins are very unlikely to be accepted.



Chapman – £4.50

Red Velvet – £4.09

Pepper Pot Soup £7

Suya Grilled Lamb £8.50

Jerk Sweet Fire Wings £7.50

Grilled Half Chicken £12.95

The Gidi Grill Chicken Burger £11.95

Fried Plantain – £3.50