Celebrating 3 years of SalmahXOEats! 🥳✨

SalmahXoEats @ 3! 🥳✨

First of all, I think we can all agree that this year has been a crazy one, filled with many ups and downs. From the pandemic to #BLM x #EndSars protests to various natural disasters and so on.

In addition to that, the sudden change with academics also affected me because this was definitely the hardest academic year for me. A 2yr masters in Architecture is already tough. But with a pandemic, even harder. But Alhamdullah we’ve managed to scale through (one more semester left 😩🤞🏾).

Salmahxoeats also suffered in the process because as you know restaurants and other hospitality services were closed for months, so ‘foodventures’ weren’t even an option. I was really sad at the time, cause that’s part of the things that gives me joy.

Nonetheless, I still tried to make the best out of the situation by re-making dishes I saw on food shows, tried new editing and painting mediums, went for a picnic and so many other food related stuff. I’ve decided to share a few highlights from the year, let’s reminisce together 🥰.


Eid away from home always sucks. I hated that I was missing out on the rituals like going to the prayer ground, dressing up, and the food! Nonetheless, my friends and I tried to make the best out of it by dressing up in trads and cooking. Love them ♥️.

2.Picnic At The park:

Another beautiful day which had my favourite person, favourite foods and snacks, and a bunch of green all around me. Having a picnic outside once the lockdown was eased was one of the things that kept me sane.

3. #SalmahXOEats Remakes

I started a self-challenge that required me to remake some favourite dishes I watched either on YouTube or Netflix shows. A few of my faves were the ‘Breakfast in Bread’ and the ‘Shakshuka’.


This was the first restaurant I visited since the lockdown started in March. This was July and I was just soo happy to be back sitting, holding menus and getting food presented in front of me.

5. Painting.

I picked up painting again! I’ve always wanted to learn how to use watercolour and so I chose food as a muse for my practice. Love the processss!

6. Weekend Trip to Glasgow

A well-deserved trip after MONTHS of being confined to one city. I was mostly glad to go back to ‘Stack and Still’ after almost a year and I got me some Tantrum Doughnuts.

So yeah, despite it being a rocky year, it was a year of appreciation, patience, and most definitely growth! Genuinely grateful for all my family and friends, and my Salmahxoeats family (which includes you reading this right now).

May this new year, teach us more and bring even more light into our lives. Merry Christmas to everyone and a HappyNewYear in advance ♥️✨

Much Love,

SalmahXO xx