Lagos Bistro | Abuja

📍7, Hombori St, Adetokunbo Ademola Cresc, Wuse II

Brand new entry for #AbujaSeries!

Before heading back to uni back in the fall of 2019, Lagos Bistro x The Pier where the two places I was bummed I didn’t get to visit before leaving. I promised that the first place I’d visit would be Lagos Bistro and so we weennttt.


If you’ve visited my blog, you’d know I’m a huge sucker for art! Be it a gallery, street art, museum, I’m there! Even better is art paired with food!

Right from the parking lot you begin to see the different art pieces surrounding you. Ngl, I instantly regretted choosing to visit on boxing day because people were still in the celebratory mood and of course the venue had a good backdrop for ‘Christmas photos’. 😅

I was uncomfortable cause there was no social distancing and half of the crowd had no masks on. So unfortunately I don’t have much photos of the exterior as I basically zoomed inside and found a corner space. Definitely going just for the outdoor experience next time I visit, In Sha Allah.

Inside was a more relaxed environment away from all the chaos. I liked the interior decor of the ground floor and I was happy to see more art inside. Makes a nice backdrop don’t you think?

Wasn’t as impressed with the first floor but I absolutely loved the conversions of the bus and Mercedes.


I mentally prepared myself before coming cause good service in Abuja can be compared to a Russian roulette game. It’s either a hit or a miss. But with Lagos Bistro, I would say they tried even though there were a few things we had to ask for before getting them. Liked that they had their custom masks too.


I didn’t particularly have expectations for the restaurant, but I’d say they knocked it out of the park with that burger cause it was goood. I also liked the variety the menu offered, even though the waitress informed me that customers liked the Nigerian meals better, especially the Ofada rice.

Chapman and Strawberry Lemonade

Can never go wrong with chapman


(spicy goat meat,onions, red and greeen, pepper)

This particular dish made me realise that I had to up my spice tolerance cause I could barely eat more than two spoonfuls at a time. But other than that, it was quite good.

MM2 Wings

(sticky wings in chilli dill)

These were basically your standard wings, although it had the sweet element to it, I was still quite unimpressed. With the presentation I noticed that the bigger wings were placed at the top while the tiny pieces were hid under the big ones. Dear Chef, I noticed o. Didn’t even try to touch the scotch bonnet garnish cause I foresaw the disaster that would unfold.

Bistro House Burger

(bistro burger bun with a double decked patty, chicken, beef, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, fresh lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, butter, bistro burger sauce, ketchup, mayo, honey and mustard)

I’ve noticed I’ve had burgers a lot lately, but I guess that’s cause for me, they’re always the safest meals to try when visiting a restaurant for the first time.

The house burger was quite good cause the patties were moist x tasty and the bread was like eating a cloud. Everything just went together as you can see in the layers.

Chow Mein

(stir-fried noodles with chicken, beef, shrimps, onions, and celery, flavoured from oriental spices)

This originally comes with chicken, shrimp AND beef, but cause of allergies, shrimp was replaced with more chicken. I really enjoyed this cause the noodles were al dente as should be and it was nicely spiced. Only downside was that it was a bit too oily for my liking.


Chapman – N2500

Strawberry Lemonade – N2500

Asun – N3000

MM2 – N2500

Chow Mein – N3500

House Burger – N3600