Wingist | Abuja

📍 Basement, House of Freeda Plaza, 7, Lingu St, Wuse II

Bringing in the New Year the right way: stuffing thyself with foooooood! Spent part of the day with my girls yesterday at Wingist Restaurant and I had the best time catching up the only way we know how; over food x drinks.



I tried to locate the entrance and I got lost. As my friends arrived before me, they helped direct me the right way. Better signage would be appreciated.

The entrance to the restaurant was my favourite bit cause I liked the mini gallery it creates with the photo walls and the statue. You’re engaged as you descend the stairs which was fun.

You then get into the restaurant and you’re welcomed into a lounge-type setting with A LOT, I mean A LOT of TV’s and a bar in the back. Perfect for football viewings. I liked the clean look the furniture had and the wee contrast between white and brown.

It was super quiet at first and we questioned if we made the right choice or not, but we stayed and it eventually got better. Playlist was more banging and people began to fill up the empty spaces.


Service could generally be better. Food was brought at weird intervals and not in the right order too. Also quite disappointing that none of the starters were available also.


For a place that’s called ‘Wingist’, I genuinely expected better cause that’s basically what you’re about. My wing loving self was not particularly impressed at all.

Honey Glazed Wings

Going straight to the point with this one; it was a no for me. Naturally not a fan of honey, so I take it in very small doses.

These particular wings were coated in what seemed like raw, unrefined honey which gave it a very strong smell and taste. We tried hard, but could only stomach one each.

Hot and Spicy Wings

These were basically the typical ‘peppered chicken’ sauce that you’d make for your festive events. I’d say they’re the safest to order.

Buffalo Wings

I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between this and the Hot and Spicy. From my experience, buffalo wings typically have that tabasco-y zingy hot sauce taste to it but I got none of that from this.


Chinese Stir-fried Rice

Nothing distinct or noteworthy about this dish, but I would recommend it as a side.



Presentation was fun and they were crispy x hot.


Virgin Mojito

This was a good mojito, would recommend as a mocktail.



Generally the wings without the coatings/sauces were good. My friends and I thought the batter was crispy and the chicken was tender and well spiced. If plain was an option on the menu, I’d get those and perhaps a side of mayo or mustard.


Buffalo Wings – N1900

Honey Glazed Wings – N1900

Hot and Spicy Wings – N1900

Chinese Stir-Fried Rice – N1200

French Fries – N1200

Virgin Mojito – N3000

Chapman – N2000

Vanilla Milkshake – N2000