4GUYS | Abuja

📍The Ultimate Mall, 913, Adetokunbo Ademola Cresc, Wuse II

I remember being back in the UK scrolling through my feed and almost everyday I see a post related to 4GUYS. I knew instantly that this was somewhere I had to visit and I’m glad I finally had the chance to.



The indoor dining area was quite simple and I liked how slightly dark it was. Also, restaurants with open kitchens always have a win in my books, especially the ones where you can watch sushi being made. Next time, I’m definitely sitting by the bar as I sat outside this time around.

I had no idea there was an outdoor space until I got there. The weather that evening was quite cool and breezy so outside seemed like a good choice, which I ended up really enjoying.

We could even catch a small glimpse of the sunset from where we sat.



The staff were quite friendly, attentive and agile. Food was delivered at the blink of an eye and the dishes were presented beautifully.


The food was what I was looking forward to the most and I was not disappointed. Glad to finally have somewhere that serves good quality sushi, cause that has always been a struggle.

Virgin Mojito – N2500

Nothing like a great Mojito to wash everything down.

Yakitori – N3500

(chicken & chicken liver skewers)

The yakitori is always a fave at asian fusion restaurants. This one however wasn’t amongst my list of faves. Not sure if it was the chicken liver juice that stained the chicken itself but they both tasted quite bitter and somewhat burnt.

Corn Chicken Soup – N2200

(shredded chicken, corn broth)

Never been the one too complain about too much food, but wew, was this a large bowl of soup. It tasted great though, would recommend as a starter.

Shrimp Dancing Roll – N4000

(fried shrimp, YumYum sauce)

This was the favourite part of my dining experience. In summary it was fresh, crispy and well seasoned. The added crunch of the toppings made it even better. + the added yumyum sauce definitely made me say ‘yum yum’ 😅.

Spicy Szechuan Beef – N4500

(fried beef strips, homemade spicy szechuan sauce, extra spicy)

Again, I’m disappointed in my spice tolerance cause I found this quite spicy, but that didn’t stop be from clearing my plate.

Beef was tender, the sauce was rich and the veggies to beef ratio was just right, even though someone pushed all the veggies towards my direction. YKY. 💀

Garlic Fried Rice – N3000

This paired with the sauce was a match made in heaven. I would’ve loved to taste more garlic though but overall good.


Share. Share. Share. 4Guys is more on the pricey side, so it’s advisable to order meals that can be shared amongst yourselves. Also, get the ‘Shrimp Dancing Roll’ maki sushi and thank me later.


Virgin Mojito x 2 – N2500 each

Yakitori – N3500

Corn Chicken Soup – N2200

Spicy Szechuan Beef – N4500

Shrimp Dancing Roll – N4000

Garlic Fried Rice – N3000

Plain Rice – N1000

Total: N23,500

MENU: https://4guys.co