The Salad Guru | Abuja

📍 16, Usuma Close, Off Gana Street (Inside Maitama Amusement Park, Back entrance)

Where are the ramen lovers at, cause this ones for you! Got talking with Zino of @AbujaFoodTour a few weeks back and were were deciding where to go. She mentioned The Salad Guru had ramen and I was super gassed cause I didn’t think I’d find that here in Abuja. We set our ramen date and so we wennnnttttttttt.


Salad Guru is located at Maitama Amusement Park and just like when I visited Cube Cafe and Strobriē (when they were still at the old location), I loved that I could explore the park before or after entering the cafes. I mean besides the place being a deserted area, it’s still nice to see elements of art around.

After placing our orders, we wanted to take a wee walk and got instantly attracted to the Asah-Bara Studio Store. It had a nice mural outside it and some carved wooden masks at the entrance. Was bummed that it was closed, but I hope to visit again when it’s open.

The eating area of the salad bar was in one of the small buildings found around the park while the kitchen and service area was adjacent to it. It’s a really small space with cantilevered table tops, high stools and a nice mural on one of the walls. I liked that it was just us at first, cause it eventually got awkward once another customer came in to eat as they could hear our conversations.


We both went with the intention of having Ramen but I was disappointed to hear that there was only one portion left, which meant one person would have to settle for something else. Food took quite a while, but I wasn’t too bothered cause that gave Zino and I some time to catch up.


Simple menu with a bit of variety. The portions were great and I honestly just like that they had Ramen on the menu.

Sweet Iced Tea – N2000

This was quite alright but I felt I wouldn’t order it again. The cinnamon was a bit overwhelming and the sweetness wasn’t enough for me.

The Love Bowl Salad – N3500

(sweet and sour chicken, pineapple, beetroot, cashews, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, eggs)

Just like the name, I was in love with this salad bowl. If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll know how excited I get when I’m offered a variety of textures and flavours in a meal.


The cashews, beetroot and lettuce gave the crunch, the protein was covered in a rich savoury sauce, the pineapples gave it some sweetness and the eggs provided a play of texture too. Besides all this, I enjoyed how colourful it was.

Chicken Ramen Noodles – N3200

The reason why we were here! I only started eating Ramen a few years back and I didn’t like it the first time around. Had it the second time and I fell in love and have tried it a few more times after that.

However, I feel like I haven’t had enough to compare and contrast what’s the best I’ve had and whatnot. Nonetheless, I’ve watched shows that talked and described ramen so I feel I have some knowledge of what a good one should be like.

This was a really tasty bowl of ramen for me. The noodles were cooked al dente and the broth was packed with flavour and spices . Most importantly, it didn’t taste like the broth was watered down, which is what others I’ve tried tasted like, this bowl was richer. Zino was definitely lost in the sauce. 😅

If you’re a ramen lover, I’d like for you to try this and let me know your experience or if you’ve tried it, let me know if it was up to your standards!


I think it’ll be a nice idea to order take out from the bar and find a seat in the park to have your meal. After which you can take a walk round the park again.


Sweet Iced Tea – N2000

Going Bananas Smoothie – N2500

The Love Bowl – N3500

Chicken Ramen Noodles – N3200

Total: N11,200