La Taverna 2.0 | Abuja

La Taverna has always been one of my favourite places to dine in the city. The food is exceptional, the rooftop and its views make me feel relaxed and I just like how tucked away it is.

I remember seeing a post about ‘Pizza Wednesdays’ and I instantly made that a reason to visit. I’ve been there two Wednesdays in a row now and I might need to be stopped from going again next week 😅.


Last weeks visit, we started with the ‘Pollo Fritto’ which was deep fried chicken served on a bed of slaw. I enjoyed this so much especially when you scoop some of the slaw with it.

I was practically fighting for the last piece with my date. I’d recommend this as a choice for tapas. ✨ However, I thought the presentation could’ve been better.

Moving on to the mission that day, the pizzas! We tried the ‘Margarita’ and ‘Chicken BBQ’. The Chicken BBQ was the winner for me.

I usually prefer thin crust pizzas, but cause of how good these were, I wanted a thick crust just so I could savour it.


So yesterday’s visit was a Pizza date planned with Joanne but we got Chef Thabo to third-wheel too 😅. It was so much fun cause we had such nice food to eat, talked about everything and anything, and the ambience was even better at night. We basically talked and laughed all night with fully satisfied stomachs.

This time around, we had the ‘Calamares Fritos’. It’s deep fried calamari served on a bed of tartar sauce, with a dab of sriracha sauce, which was divine. Calamari could’ve been crispier, but that’s a personal preference.

For pizzas, I tried something different I never thought I would; Pineapple on pizza! I refused to try it all this time cause the idea just didn’t stick well with me. But somehow, Joanne managed to convince me and I did! It wasn’t anywhere close to being as bad as I imagined.

It was named the ‘Lagos Pizza’. I loved how the pieces were diced into really small pieces, wasn’t just a bunch of stuff at once. I feel that gave me chance to taste everything at once.

The other pizza we tried was the ‘Chicken Pizza’. This was a nice one too, although I’m not a fan of semi-raw onions on my pizza. I’d have personally loved some sweet corn on it instead.


But yeah, this is a great place to have lunch dates or intimate dinners with friends just to unwind and have a good time. You’ll be in great hands, trust me. Pizzas cost N3500 on Pizza Wednesdays.


Oh, you can read about my first visit here to try the seafood paella, or better still GO try the seafood paella 😅. Enjoyy Xx

Have you been to La Taverna? What’s your favourite thing about it? 😁






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